Is a metal roof the right choice for me in Winston-Salem NC?

Metal roofs in Winston-Salem and Kernersville NCMaybe you are wondering, is a metal roof the right choice for me? The answer depends on several things. Do you want a roof that is virtually maintenance-free? Are you looking for an investment in your home that is not only beautiful, but will withstand the harsh weather that sometimes barrels through the Winston-Salem NC area? Are you looking for a roof that may save you money on homeowner’s insurance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you already know the answer to your question, is a metal roof the right choice for me? Of course it is!

Is a metal roof the right choice for me in my suburban neighborhood?

Metal roofs are only for barns or commercial businesses, right? Well, maybe 20 years ago that was the case, but today’s reputable metal roofing companies offer a selection of metal roofs that are not only durable and maintenance-free, they are also beautiful in appearance. If you want to know, is a metal roof the right choice for me, the area’s best metal roofing companies will be happy to show you examples of metal roofs that come in a variety of colors and style choices that look fabulous whether in the suburbs of Greensboro or out in High Point and Kernersville.

Metal roofing companies such as Triad Installations want to offer customers high quality metal roofs because they are among the hardiest roofs in the industry today. It’s hard to imagine a roof that may outlive the homeowner, but that is exactly what you get with metal roofs! The average lifespan of asphalt shingles is about 20 to 50 years; metal roofs will last homeowners 50 to 100 or more years, depending on the quality of steel used in its construction. Metal roofing companies love metal roofs because they are fire and spark resistant, hail resistant, wind resistant, energy efficient, labor efficient, snow shedders, and easily recyclable. Homeowners are often amazed to find that metal roofing companies can easily install metal roofs over the existing roof!

Metal roofs may be expensive, but homeowners save in the end

If you hesitate to ask trustworthy metal roofing companies such as Triad Installations, is a metal roof the right choice for me because of the cost, maybe you should consider the cost benefits first. Metal roofing companies understand that cost can be a concern for homeowners, but did you know that, according to the Metal Roofing Alliance, homes upgraded with metal roofs typically see costs recouped at more than three quarters of the job cost?

Although insurance packages vary, many homeowners’ insurance agencies allow discounts for homeowners with specific weather-resistant metal roofing products. Energy savings of up to 40% in summer cooling energy costs have been reported by the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, when homeowners have metal roofing companies install reflective metal roofs. With the beautiful, sunny weather of the Winston-Salem area, wouldn’t you want to install a metal roof to help deflect some of your monthly energy costs?

There are so many benefits to having one of the Triad area’s reputable metal roofing companies install a metal roof, they are almost hard to fit into one space. Triad Installations offers metal roofs to Winston-Salem area homeowners because it is one of the highest quality roofs on the market today, and their customers deserve the best roofing they can afford. If you are interested in finding out more about metal roofs, call this reputable roofer today and ask him, is a metal roof the right choice for me?

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