Rich Barlow and His Team at Triad Installations Help Out Widows and Senior Citizens


Triad Installations Company gives special assistance to homeowners that are widows and senior adults.

Home repairs and home improvements can be stressful for anyone – especially widows and senior citizens. Repairs and improvements may mean calling up numerous providers, having to deal with sales persons who pressure you to avail of the services of their companies or negotiating with contractors who give extremely high quotations for the particular project. There are so many companies to choose from and to evaluate, but who can you trust?

The good news is there are still companies around who truly care about their clients. Triad Installations, for instance, visits the house, gives a professional opinion on what repairs or improvements need to be made and gives a free estimate when homeowners call them. They even provide special assistance for widows and the elderly who need the most help.

“I’ve always had a special place in my heart for widows and the elderly and want to help them out when I can,” Rich Barlow, owner of Triad Installations, stated.

Triad Installations has been in business since 1984. Their goal is to help homeowners understand remodeling design and construction as well as to provide quality and affordable services.

For more information about home repairs and remodeling, visit

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Energy efficient window replacements can save you money in Greensboro, NC

Are you looking for energy efficient window replacements in Greensboro, NC? There are many benefits when you replace your windows. You can save a considerable amount of money on heating and cooling costs. Additionally, many homeowners see a return on their investment when it comes to selling their property. Windows can make a big difference in home value and reducing drafts, ultimately improving quality of life in your home.

energy efficient window replacements

Replacement windows can help reduce heating costs in the winter

If you live in a climate where you use your heat a lot during the winter, you will benefit from energy efficient window replacements. Unfortunately, windows often are a major source of heat loss. Also, many people complain about condensation issues on their old windows. These days, new windows have experienced a lot of technological advancements. Replacement windows help with lower heat loss, less air leakage—both can help reduce heating costs during the winter. There can be considerable savings if you let Triad Installations in Greensboro, NC replace outdated windows with new replacement windows.


In the winter, older windows have a lower glass temperature because heat radiated from someone’s body is warmer than the window. This can create uncomfortable cold drafts and is what makes older homes feel drafty. Energy efficient window replacements can provide increased comfort. Having a replacement windows professional install the new windows can also help reduce cold air leakage.


Save money by replacing your windows and reduce cooling costs

During the summer in Greensboro, NC, you can also save a significant amount of money by using energy efficient window replacements in your home. Often, windows are a major source of unwanted heat gain in a home. Thankfully, technological advancements mean that you can reduce solar heat gain in your home, reducing cooling costs. During warmer months, sunlight will hit the window and other interior services—this can create overheating and even discomfort. New energy efficient window replacements can reduce heat gain while still providing light and a gorgeous view.


Replacement windows reduce condensation

Replacing your windows in Greensboro, NC can help reduce energy costs and make your home more comfortable. They can reduce frost and condensation. Two of the biggest things people are looking for with windows are daylight and views. Unfortunately, sometimes that daylight that is so wonderful can also increase the temperature in a home in the summer. Often materials used to decorate a home, like carpet, fabrics, paper, artwork, paints and even wood can fade when exposed to sunlight. By choosing new replacement windows from Triad Installations, you can help reduce fading and protect the investments inside your home.


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Energy efficient window replacements in Winston-Salem NC

Energy efficient windows Winston-Salem NCConsidering having new energy efficient windows installed? Savings are sure to come your way, but what can you expect these windows to do for your home? Some Triad area homeowners see more savings than others, but everyone will see the same great results! Replacement windows can transform the way your home looks, but can also eliminate those uncomfortable drafts that make your guests keep their coats on while visiting! Make your home feel inviting and warm without blasting your furnace by installing energy efficient windows in your home.

For Greensboro NC residents, summers will be a breeze, too! Once you’ve had replacement windows installed, the shift in seasons will be a welcome change. Instead of that stale, humid air wafting into your bedroom at night, you’ll be sleeping soundly in the temperature of your choice. Don’t put yourself at the mercy of old, inefficient windows. Installing new windows will make a difference in your heating and cooling costs, but you will absolutely experience other benefits, as well.

Why should I buy energy efficient windows?
Energy star approved vinyl replacement windows can make your life easier in so many ways! The way these new windows are engineered results in a virtually seamless frame, so you will spend less time cleaning those stubborn corners and more time enjoying your view of the world. Quality windows are one way to invest in your High Point NC home, because they are a lasting improvement that will make your home more marketable should you decide to sell down the road. For those potential buyers, seeing quality, energy efficient windows will be a perk and a good reason to purchase your home.

Winston-Salem residents can count on Triad Installations! Energy efficient window replacements
If you’re considering making a switch from your old, decrepit windows to new, energy efficient window replacements, you will probably appreciate an expert opinion to help get the ball rolling on your project. It is important, as with other home improvement projects, to get an estimate before the work begins. An estimate will provide you with all of the important details of having your energy efficient windows installed. You will need to know how many windows you will be replacing, the cost of each window, how much it will cost for labor and installation, as well as the cost of materials needed to complete the project. These are important details because no one needs a surprise when they are having work done on their home!

Your house is your most valuable investment, so you should only hire companies to do work on your home who understand that! Triad Installations gives Kernersville NC residents the opportunity to be in the know throughout the entire window replacement process!

If you have been looking at your home and thinking that your windows need a complete overhaul, call Triad Installations serving the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville, NC area and ask for an estimate on energy efficient replacement windows!

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Replacement windows offer protection and energy savings in Winston-Salem NC

Replacement windows Winston-Salem NCIs your home in need of replacement windows? Does it take all of your strength to open your old, creaky windows? Or, are you noticing that your existing windows are offering very little in the way of protection from the elements? No matter your reason for turning to replacement windows, there is a solution that will fit your home’s needs in Greensboro, NC.  With the seasons changing, you might be happy to know that installing energy efficient windows can make it easy for you to enjoy the temperate breezes. Opening your new vinyl replacement windows with one hand while enjoying your morning coffee is an added benefit!

Can replacement windows save me money?
Replacement windows are a good way to transform your home from a bleak, inefficient household into a warm and inviting space. Bad windows can cause you to throw money literally out the window! Paying to heat or cool your home while the air flows in and out as it pleases is a waste of money. If you replace those inefficient windows with quality vinyl tilt replacement windows, you’ll probably find that there are more benefits than you had imagined.

New windows will quickly change the way air flows in your home. In the winter, keeping warm air in and cold air out will make a difference to everyone you live with! Quality, energy efficient vinyl windows are a long-lasting product that will be with your home for as long as you are. Cold and windy nights won’t make you cringe any longer; call Triad Installations in Kernersville, NC, today for an estimate!

Affordable, yet reliable, premium vinyl tilt replacement windows could be yours!
Triad Installations offers you superior quality vinyl tilt replacement windows, which offer a virtually seamless look with a custom fit. You might be surprised to know that your new windows come with the best warranties in the business. Having a custom fit results in a more efficient atmosphere in your home for heating and cooling, and you will save money every month! Vinyl tilt replacement windows are Energy Star approved, and even can reduce outside noise. If you’re looking for a solution for your Winston-Salem area home, enhance the beauty and function of your windows simultaneously.

Whether your home has a traditional or contemporary look to its architecture there is a vinyl replacement window that will naturally fit with your style. The best companies that focus on home repair projects will take into consideration the age and look of your home so that your new windows are a complementary addition, not a glaring upgrade!

When you are ready to give yourself the gift of efficient and beautiful windows for your home in Greensboro and the Triad area, call Triad Installations, Winston-Salem area roofing company, and make an appointment for a free estimate. You’ll get the best warranties around, and your home will look beautiful!

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Metal roofs are a great choice for Winston-Salem NC homeowners

When you drive by your neighbor’s brand new metal roof, do you keep asking, is a metal roof the right choice for me? Maybe you’re already trying to envision what your home would look like with a new metal roof, and you’re wondering what your options are. Roof envy isn’t going to help you get a new roof, but calling Triad Installations in Greensboro NC will!

Will a metal roof be comfortable in the summer?
Metal roofs Winston-Salem NCA metal roof is going to act as a reflector of heat, and won’t turn your home into an oven. You might even be surprised to learn that a metal roof will even help keep your home warm in the winter. Keeping your home working efficiently is the goal for all homeowners; don’t let your roofing material hold you back!

Metal roofs are becoming more common as more people are interested in buying quality, long-lasting materials for their home improvement projects. Metal roofs usually cost a little bit more than other traditional roofing materials, but almost always outlast the others by decades. You’ll be shocked at how durable your metal roof is, and you won’t be second-guessing your choice! Having a roof that will last you throughout the life of your home is somewhat unheard of, but know you are making a wise investment when you choose a metal roof.

Sure, you are also interested in making your home look beautiful; metal roofing comes in several different styles that will be sure to go with your aesthetic preferences. Long lasting, durable, and weather resistant, you can be certain that the answer to your question: is a metal roof the right choice for me, is a resounding yes!

What about the weather?
If you are imagining your metal roof being dented by hail and storm debris, rest assured that your metal roofing is built to last through decades of spring storms! When storms blow through your neighborhood, you can be confident that you and your family are safely tucked inside, far away from the elements pounding away at the roof of your Triad area home.

What are my options?
Maybe you are still wondering, is a metal roof the right choice for me? You should know that metal roofing companies give you options. Triad Installations in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, NC and Triad area offers two types of metal roofs. The first is attached with exposed fasteners, which involves metal pieces that are screwed securely on your roof. The second type is attached with hidden fasteners. Metal roofs that are attached with hidden fasteners mean nicer cosmetics and provide a more stable attachment on your roof. Your trusted roofing company can help you weigh the pros and cons for each type of metal roof according to the specific needs of your home and your budget.

Are you still asking: is a metal roof the right choice for me? If you are interested in finding out if a metal roof is the right choice for you, call Triad Installations, Winston-Salem area roofing company.

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Choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors in Winston-Salem

Choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors in the Winston-Salem, NC area doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. In fact, choosing the right roof installers should make your life easier, not harder! A reliable company is within reach when you follow some simple steps to taking care of your home, budget, and sanity.

Talk to your neighbors about their roofs
Reliable residential roofing contractors Winston-Salem NCWhen choosing reliable residential roofing contractors in the Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville NC and Triad area it is a good idea to start with a company with a good reputation. Call a neighbor or ask a friend who has had recent roof repairs or replacement what they liked about their roof installers. Look for companies who offer those same traits!

Of course, if you’re new in town you are probably wondering where to turn. A reputable and reliable roofing contractor should have a good reputation with the Central Carolina Better Business Bureau and should be a Better Business Bureau A+ rated Accredited Business.

Are you still wondering how to go about choosing a reliable roof installer in Winston-Salem? Roof installers should understand remodeling design and construction. It’s always a good idea to hire roofing contractors who have experience; Triad Installations only hires contractors with at least ten years of experience and thorough training. You can be confident that the roof installers on your roof know what they are doing!

What happens after repairs are finished?
But what happens when those experienced contractors go home? What if something goes wrong? You should be confident in the company you hire! Triad Installations even goes so far as to offer a five year guarantee on its workmanship, and any possible issues will be fixed quickly and efficiently. This added benefit of hiring a reliable Triad area company means that you can be confident that you spent your money wisely.

Do I need an estimate?
Before you jump in and start a roofing project on your home, you might consider having an estimate done. An estimate takes into account the size of your home, the amount of materials needed, and the type of roof you are interested in. Then, with all of those factored together, you and your trusted roofing expert will determine the best way to meet your needs while still staying safely within your budget. Choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors means the roof estimate process is easy on the homeowner, because the goal is to make sure your needs are being met! Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville, NC residents can rely on trusted roofing professionals to help make home improvement projects a breeze.

Can I get help with storm damage?
If you are dealing with the added stress of repairing your home after recent storms, you might be happy to hear that your home is of the utmost importance to Triad Installations, making it easy when it comes to choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors in the Winston-Salem, NC area. Getting a visit from your trusted roofing professionals quickly once the storms have passed will help get your life back to normal. Don’t leave your important home repairs in the hands of amateurs when there are reliable, affordable professionals available to help you. Call Triad Installations, your Winston-Salem roofing company today and make an appointment for your roofing estimate and feel good about choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors.

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