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If your roof, windows, siding or other exterior parts of your home is damaged due to a storm, you need to call a professional to get an estimate.  It’s also time to call your insurance agent.  Here at Triad Installations, we help people file their insurance claims and will talk you through the process.  By the way- if several of your neighbors are having their roofs repaired or replaced due to a storm, and you don’t see anything wrong with your roof – it’s always a good idea to call the roofing experts here at Triad Installations, and we’ll come out an thoroughly inspect your roof to make sure there isn’t any damage you may have missed.

Here is some helpful information to give you an idea of what your insurance agent needs to file a claim.

Make sure you record the date of the storm

If you can remember the exact date of the strong winds or hail storm, write it down.  You will need this date to file a claim.  Take a photo of your home and photos of the storm. If you don’t remember the day, do an internet search for the storm, “Greensboro hail storm May 2011” and the internet search will provide the dates and some photos you an use for your insurance claim.

How to file a claim

After we inspect your home, we will give you our opinion on whether you should file a claim. The next step is to call your home insurance company and set up an appointment for them to inspect your roof or home damage.

Appointment with the home insurance company agent

We will assist you in what your insurance agent needs and provide our inspection notes you can give to him. If there are any questions, he can contact us, or we can arrange to be present when your insurance agent visits your home, to assist.

Hopefully this process results in a successful insurance claim. You now have a written estimate from Triad Installations and we can begin work as soon as you are ready.  Call us today, and we’ll make an appointment to inspect your roof.

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