Storm Damage to your Roof

The last storm that came through was pretty rough. You see some pieces of your roof on the ground, and some of your roof looked damaged.  You see windows and siding that have been damaged in the storm.  Your whole neighborhood seemed to be effected from the strong wind and hail storm. What should you do?

damaged and windblown shingles

It’s time to call a professional roofing company to inspect your roof and let you know the extent of the damage. Did you know that your home owner’s insurance will usually pay for the repair or replacement of your roof due to storm damage? There are some exceptions, but it’s good to know that after getting the estimate for repair, you need to call your insurance adjustor and make an appointment.

Here’s more information on how to file an insurance claim.

Damage to Your Roof

Hail can loosen and fracture the granules surface material of the roofing shingles. You may not see immediate damage, but it will cause further damage to your roof at an accelerated rate, if you don’t have the repair done as soon as possible.  You may see granules, from your roof shingles in the gutters or areas under the eaves.  Most shingles only have a few pounds of color granules per square foot of coverage. It’s doesn’t take too many loose granules to cause significant damage to your roof.

shingle hail damage

Hail can cause dimples on the roof shingles, and dents in the roof flashing, ridges, vent stacks and lead boots. If you see anything unusual about your roof, after a hail storm – call your roofing experts,  here at Triad Installations, and we’ll come out and have a look at it.

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