Successful Roofing and Remodeling Secrets

WARNING! Do not hire a contractor or undertake a remodeling project until you read this report!


Consumer Report:

The Eight Secrets To Successful Roofing and Remodeling

Secret # 1-Avoid Common Misconceptions

If the Better Business Bureau doesn’t have any complaints against the contractor, he must be qualified. This is a common and often costly misconception. In fact, just because a contractor doesn’t have any complaints with the BBB does not mean you’re working with someone who is a reputable professional. You need to investigate the company further. Many contractors, though they have no BBB complaints, do not do a satisfactory job (much less, a superior job). To ensure you’re dealing with a reputable professional, use the BBB as a starting place, not the only place.

Going with the lowest price saves you money. NO, not necessarily! Everyone tends to look for the lowest price. On a low estimate, you must ask yourself what is being left out or what shortcut is being taken. Let me explain….

One roofer has his re-roof job $300.00 cheaper than anyone else. The homeowner wanted to save money and accepted his proposal. After the job was completed, all the old shingles and nails were still lying around the yard and the homeowner was having a fit. The roofing contractor informs them that he had not figured cleanup in his proposal and that was why he could do the job so much cheaper than anyone else. One of the most common signs of trouble ahead is someone offering to do work for much less money than others. Like anything else, you can’t get something for nothing. Be careful of choosing your roofing contractor based on the lowest price.

Doing it yourself saves money. No! Sometimes the “weekend warrior” can undertake small projects like painting, hanging wallpaper, routine repairs, etc. But beware of undertaking larger, more complicated projects. What starts out as an attempt to save money can turn into a costly mess. All too often, the job is botched and it costs more to have a reputable professional come in and fix what’s been done. According to an article in the Greensboro News and Record, less than 20% of these do-it-yourself jobs work out-mostly due to lack of experience on the part of the homeowner. If you want to be assured your project will turn out the way you want it, call a reputable professional.

If a person claims to have many years of experience, they must do quality work. NO! I can’t tell you how many people receive bad workmanship from contractors who’ve claimed to be in business or the trade for twenty years. Take experience claims with a grain of salt. Just because a contractor claims to have twenty years experience does not mean you’ll get what you want. He could have done a poor job for twenty years. Investigate further to ensure you’re dealing with a qualified professional.

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