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Our replacement windows by Atrium are your best choice when thinking about replacing your old windows for more energy efficient ones. Our windows are energy star approved and come with a lifetime warranty, lifetime glass breakage warranty with low e glass and argon gas. Call the experts at Triad Installations at 336-854-5706 for an estimate or visit

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Choosing the best replacement windows for my home

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Choosing the best replacement windows for my home seemed exciting and scary. Exciting because I started looking at some examples of modern vinyl windows, and I knew they were going to make my home look so much better. Scary because I knew absolutely nothing about windows or how much they should cost. I certainly had no inkling of how they would get put in, or even how long I would have holes in my walls. So I needed to educate myself about windows so that I did not have to depend on some fast talking window salesperson or contractor.

Beautiful energy efficient windows

I got on the Internet and started looking up everything I could about vinyl windows. I learned that there was a lot of technology built into those windows and that the right choice of windows could save me money on heating and air conditioning. I read that modern vinyl windows are the perfect combination of beauty and efficiency.  I learned that windows all have an efficiency rating and that how a window is built has much to do with their efficiency rating. I discovered that most windows are composed of two sheets of glass that are filled with a type of gas and sealed to help keep them from transferring the heat and cold in or out. In addition, depending on the quality of window you purchase, the glass is coated with a thin film (actually, multiple layers) that helps keep heat and ultraviolet rays out, allowing the room to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

If you choose the right window manufacturer, you can get a limited lifetime warranty on your windows. I read that modern windows are designed for cleaning right inside the house. There is no need to climb tall ladders, or to hire someone to clean windows. Standard vinyl replacement windows come with a number of features for safety, efficiency, and long life.  They contain double sash locks for security, the bottom sash tilts for easy cleaning. Each window has a factory installed half screens. They are designed with a sloped windowsill so that water runs off easily. In addition, the window assembly uses an ingenious block and tackle balance system for easy movement of the windows, so no more sticking windows. The fact is that modern, quality windows are engineered to provide functional purpose, as well as adding beauty to your Winston-Salem, NC home.

The best window installer in Greensboro, NC

I felt confident that I knew enough about choosing the best replacement windows for my home, that I should be able to find a good installer. I read several websites but when I visited the website for Triad Installations in Greensboro, NC, there was no comparison. This reliable roofer had all the answers! In addition, I learned that the window manufacturer I liked most had certified this installer. Everyone at this reputable roofer is knowledgeable and committed to doing a good job. They even offer special discounts to single mothers and seniors. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and if you call their office for a free estimate, you will see why they are so popular with customers. Ultimately, choosing the best replacement windows for my home was as simple as choosing Triad Installations!

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Choosing the best replacement windows for my home was easy with Triad Installations

I never realized how many types of windows were available until I tried choosing the best replacement windows for my home. There are energy efficient windows, vinyl windows, and windows in every shape and size. There were just too many options to choose from. I decided to narrow it down to the windows that were carried in stock in the Greensboro, NC area. This decision really didn’t help all that much with my choices. I began researching to find out if one type of window was a better choice over the other options available.

choosing the best replacement windows for my home
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Vinyl windows not so different from energy efficient windows

When choosing the best replacement windows for my home, I found that quite often vinyl windows and energy efficient windows were the same thing. This helped to reduce some of the confusion I was feeling. I started my research thinking that they were two different types of windows. Many installers in the Greensboro area recommended energy efficient vinyl windows as replacement windows for older, drafty windows.

Some of the benefits of the energy efficient vinyl windows are:


  • Tilting frame for easy cleaning
  • Made of energy star materials
  • Reduce energy bills for the life of the window
  • Custom built to fit the window opening
  • Reduce noise from outside
  • Come with warranty
  • Increase the value of the home

One of the reasons I chose to pursue replacement windows for my home was the drafts that came in around the frames during the winter months. Vinyl windows that were also energy efficient sounded like a great idea for a replacement window. They would not only cut down on my heating bills during the winter months and make my home more comfortable, they would also improve the overall value of my home. I talked to several of the window installers in the Greensboro, NC area, including Triad Installations. After talking to the installers that work with these windows all the time the decision was much easier. There was really no comparison between windows that were not energy star approved.

Choosing the best replacement windows for my home turned out to easier than I had thought. I had already decided that the windows needed to be replaced. There was no benefit to replacing the windows with a less energy efficient window. Between the added home value and the reduction in my energy bills there was really very little to think about. If you are considering replacing the windows in your home talk to the area’s most reputable window installer, Triad Installations. Choosing the best replacement windows will be easy with this reliable roofer on your side.


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How do I go about choosing the best replacement windows for my Greensboro home?

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Are you wondering, how do I go about choosing the best replacement windows for my home? If so, energy efficient windows may be the best option to save money long term. Unfortunately, outdated windows not only look bad, they are also not very energy efficient. Many times, outdated windows can cause lost heat during cooler months, with heat coming in during the summer; water can even leak through the old windows.

There are many materials available for replacement windows today

Are you looking to replace the windows in your home this summer? If so, you will want to look at all of the options available to decide which will be best for your home. Vinyl windows are the most cost-effective option. These are quite common for replacement windows in homes. Looking for clean lines? Aluminum windows are a wonderful option for more modern homes. Many aluminum windows are eco-friendly because they can be recycled.

Wood replacement windows are definitely not maintenance free. In fact, while many people like the traditional appearance, wood windows require significant maintenance. However, when properly maintained, the windows will last a long time. A newer option, fiberglass windows are strong, and also low maintenance.

Replacement windows come with significant warranties

Replacement windows are a major home investment for many homeowners. So, as you are considering new replacement windows, it is a good idea to consider the options available for warrantees. The bigger the window manufacturer, the more likely they are to have a significant warranty. A warranty will typically last 10 years. Unfortunately, many do it yourself homeowners have voided their warrantees because they install the windows themselves, rather than having them installed by a professional. If you are in the Greensboro, NC area, discuss all of your replacement window options with Triad Installations. They helped me make a good decision when I was looking at choosing the best replacement windows for my home.

Are you considering replacement windows? If so, the Triad Installations window experts are suggesting homeowners install vinyl tilt replacement windows. These windows are known for having a strong frame. They are also cost-effective. Many homeowners find that they save money on both their heating and cooling bills each year. Not only are these windows cost effective to install, they are also saving families money long-term. Vinyl tilt replacement windows also reduce noise from the outside and come with a warranty.

Choosing the best replacement windows for my home meant choosing an expert installer

If you need new windows for your home, discuss all of your options with Triad Installations. They will be able to talk to you about your options and help you decide what will be the best choice for your home. Sometimes companies offer very low prices, but then charge significantly for extras. A legitimate company will give you a quote up front that is accurate, and in writing.

Are you reading this and wondering, how do I go about choosing the best replacement windows for my home? New windows are a big investment; Triad Installations can help you decide which option is best for your home, like they did when I was choosing the best replacement windows for my home!



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Here are some tips I used when choosing the best replacement windows for my home

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Choosing the best replacement windows for my home was a recent home improvement that had me fit to be tied. Many times windows are replaced for cosmetic reasons. However, my older windows caused a lot of problems, including losing heat in the winter, letting out cool air in the summer, and leaking water into my home.

If you are like me, you may have no idea how to go about choosing replacement windows. I mean, how do you know what windows are energy efficient windows, and which are not? I used these tips from a friend to make choosing the best replacement windows for my home super easy.

If you are looking to replace windows on your home, there are many things to consider. It’s important to consider the materials that you want to use. Here are a few of the materials available:

  • Vinyl windows: Vinyl replacement windows are the least expensive and the most common option for residential replacement windows.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum windows have clean lines and are a great option for modern homes. Because they are recyclable they are also more eco-friendly than other options.
  • Wood: Wood replacement windows require more maintenance than some of the other options; wood windows offer a traditional aesthetic that pleases many people. When wood windows are properly maintained, they are long lasting.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass replacement windows are newer to the market than some of the other options. Many homeowners appreciate that fiberglass is strong and low maintenance.

Look for replacement windows with a warranty

When making a major home investment, like replacement windows, it is important to look into the available warrantees. Many of the larger manufacturers are more likely to offer better warrantees. A standard warranty on windows is 10 years. Be sure to have an authorized installer install your replacement windows. In Greensboro, NC, choose Triad Installations to make sure your warrantee is not voided by incorrect installation. They are replacement window experts, and have years of experience.

Vinyl tilt windows are a cost-effective option

If you are considering replacement windows, the experts at Triad Installations recommend using quality vinyl windows. Vinyl tilt replacement windows have a strong frame and are energy efficient windows, saving homeowners significant amounts of money on heating and cooling bills each month. These replacement windows can also reduce outside noise. As an added bonus, vinyl windows also offer significant warranties.

Don’t fall for the bait and switch technique

If you are looking to purchase replacement windows for your home, be sure not to fall for a bait and switch technique. Choose an experienced window installer, like Triad Installations in Greensboro, NC, to be sure that you are given a fair price. Other companies will offer a very low price, but then charge for various add-ons and the project ends up costing much more in the long run. A trustworthy company will give you an accurate quote right up front.

Choose DIY or professional installation?

It is true that installing windows is not rocket science; but there are many reasons to consider having a professional install the windows. A professional will be able to quickly install the windows, as well as spot any structural problems. They may also be able to point out any maintenance issues that need to be cared for—this can provide significant cost savings in the long run.

Are you like me a year ago, looking for help choosing the best replacement windows for my home? Choosing the best replacement windows for my home was a big decision, but Triad Installations made it easy, and with their expert installation my warranty remained intact!

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