Atrium Replacement Windows are your best choice by Triad Installations

Our replacement windows by Atrium are your best choice when thinking about replacing your old windows for more energy efficient ones. Our windows are energy star approved and come with a lifetime warranty, lifetime glass breakage warranty with low e glass and argon gas. Call the experts at Triad Installations at 336-854-5706 for an estimate or visit

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Custom decks bring homeowners to the great outdoors!

Custom decks for home improvement projects in Kernersville NC and Triad areaCustom decks are a wonderful way to not only increase the beauty of your home, but also to enhance your entertainment and relaxation options! With the beautiful weather unique to the Kernersville NC and Triad area, it makes sense to bring entertaining options into the outdoors. The trustworthy roofers at Triad Installations can take your specifications and create a custom deck with a variety of materials from specialty lumbers to composite decks that meet most budgets and fit any style. Custom decks can be as elaborate or subtle as client desire.

Custom decks are full of options and variety of price points

Custom decks are as unique as the homeowner. Maybe you are big on entertaining and wish to create a flowing deck to accommodate large crowds. Or, maybe, you would like a quiet sanctuary, under a tree where you can relax and read a book or sip iced tea. Whatever your desires, your trustworthy Kernersville NC roofing company will offer a variety of materials to create your dream deck. Custom decks can be created from a variety of substances, including lumber, composite material, aluminum, western red cedar, teak, mahogany, recycled and other hardwoods. When you ask the experts at Triad Installation to replace my deck, they will advise which materials work best to match your home and what materials are best for the area where you live. If you only say to repair my deck, the professionals will handle the job and save you the hassle of DIY stress. Custom decks will enhance your quality of life and increase your entertaining options!

Composite decks green option for custom decks

Custom decks made from composite materials are a green alternative when choosing decking materials. Usually made from wood and plastic, composite decks are designed to look like wood. This attractive material is often made with recycled products, increasing its popularity and desirability. Your reputable Kernersville NC and Triad area roofing company offers two types of composite decks, solid decking and hollow materials. Just like wood, solid decking expands and contracts, and looks most like wood decking. Hollow materials do not expand and contract, and look less like wood. Both options offered by Triad Installations, however, will require little to no maintenance as they don’t require painting or staining, and will not rot or warp like wood can. Bare feet are a go with composite decks as there is no danger of splinters from composite materials. With twice yearly cleaning and scrubbing with soap and water, composite decks will retain their good looks for up to twenty years! Custom decks from composite materials are an easy maintenance, green alternative for eco-conscious homeowners.

Wood makes custom deck elegant and natural choice

Custom decks come in a variety of materials, but wood is the most natural looking choice for homeowners. Using high quality pressure treated wood, your reliable Triad area roof contractor will install a dream of a deck for you that will provide years of outdoor entertainment and relaxation. Wood requires a little maintenance and upkeep, but the results are worth the effort. With its natural texture and stain options, wood is an easy transition from indoors to outdoors, taking homeowners away from the hustle and bustle of life by opening the door and stepping outside. The professionals at Triad Installations offer homeowners who choose custom decks made of wood explicit instructions on how to care for their new deck, and can also provide upkeep services.

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Are composite decks a good choice in Kernersville NC?

New deck by Triad InstallationsComposite decks are a popular choice for new decks and patios in Kernersville NC and the Triad area.  They provide homeowners with a different option if they want custom decks.

It used to be a simple choice for choosing the material in your deck: wood.  Today, there are several options if you want to repair or replace your deck or even have a new one installed.  Besides wood, you can choose vinyl, aluminum, or plastic to create custom decks. Decking experts at Triad Installations can help you decide what option is best for your home.

What are composite decks?

One of the most popular and fastest growing industries in decking materials is with composite decks.  They are made from a combination of materials, usually wood and plastic.  These materials are processed in a way that makes them look like real wood.

One thing that makes composite decks an attractive choice for homeowners like you is that they are a “green” product.  They are often made of recycled materials.  The wood is actually sawdust, wood chips, and wood fibers.  The plastic can also be recycled materials.

Benefits of composite decks

Composite decks installed by Triad Installations are a convenient alternative to people who do not have time to maintain their decks.  Wood decks require a great deal of care to keep looking their best and last a long time.  You have to sand, stain, and reseal your wooden decks every year or two.  Besides the cost and time involved, you have to wait for the right weather conditions for the products to dry.  All of these issues add up to a lot of work for your deck.

Composite decks do not require painting or staining.  They resist rot and they do not warp like wood.  You will not get splinters from touching the deck rails or walking in bare feet.  Manufacturers add a pigment for the color of the wood and a preservative to make it last without extra care.  These preservatives can last up to twenty years in the decks.

There are two types of composite decking to choose from in Kernersville and Triad area.  You can use solid decking, which looks more like wood and will expand and contract like it.  The other alternative is hollow materials.  They look more fabricated but do not expand and contract with the weather.

Caring for your custom decks

All you need to do to take care of your composite deck is sweep it clean and pressure wash it twice a year.  Finish off with some soap and water and your work is done.  If you take care of any stains as soon as you notice them, you will keep your custom decks looking beautiful for many years.

Triad Installations is a trusted roofing and home improvement company that offers to install composite decks for homes in Kernersville and Triad area. If you need to repair or replace your deck, talk to a reliable contractor near you.  Our experts will tell you more about composite decks and discuss options suitable for your home to make you enjoy your very own composite deck for years to come.

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A custom deck for your Kernersville NC home

A custom deck is an opportunity to take your home outdoors. There are so many options for creating a custom deck- materials, and designs. Triad Installations is the best Kernersville or Greensboro NC contractor for your deck project.  In most remodeling projects, including decks, beauty is the top priority. Adding a deck or a patio to your home can really make it stand out. Decks are also a great selling feature, when you are ready to sell your home. Decks make any home more attractive and uniquely relaxing. Adding a deck to your home gives it a special feel of comfort and, in some sense, freedom.  A deck built near a shady tree provides a wonderful place to unwind and get away from the pressures of daily life, a kind of retreat.  Some decks are also built as additions to pools and outside barbeque areas.  The possibilities are endless and we at Triad Installations are here to help you get your dream deck according to your specifications and preferences.

Know the plan and purpose for your custom decks

Before creating your custom deck, decide the purpose, function and ideal size for your deck.  It is important to visualize how you will use your deck, and where you want your deck located. Decking specialists at Triad Installations in Kernersville NC can give you a better estimate on the cost of the project if you have already answered these questions. You will save some time if you consider these questions before their visit to your home.

Best materials for your deck

There are many different choices for deck materials.  Talk with one of our custom deck professionals in Kernersville about the benefits of each choice. Decks are usually made from treated lumber, composite material, aluminum, western red cedar, teak, mahogany, recycled planks, and other hardwoods. Triad Installations custom deck experts can advise you on what materials would be best to match your home, and what materials will be durable for your specific location.

Taking care of your custom deck in Kernersville NC

Once you have selected the style, size and materials for your deck, a Triad Installations personnel will schedule a time to build the custom deck custom deck by Triad Installationsof your choice.  It’s exciting to finally see the project complete, as you sit outside and admire your beautiful, new deck.  Remember, though, that your new deck will not stay this beautiful unless you take care of it with regular maintenance.  We at Triad Installations can instruct you on how to take care of your deck and keep it cozy and in top shape.

If you are interested in having a custom deck for your home in Kernersville or Greensboro NC, call us today to help you make your dream of a custom deck come true.

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Building the perfect deck for your Kernersville NC home

Kernersville homeowners love to be able to enjoy their yards and beautiful surroundings on their decks.   Triad Installations staff are experts at creating the deck of your dreams.  From a deck on the back of your home you can enjoy the first budding of spring, the barbeques of summer and the stunning fall foliage.  You can even enjoy many mild winter days if you escape to your deck for a breath of fresh air. Having a custom deck installed gives you a place to relax and have a mini-vacation from the stresses of life.  Here at Triad Installations, we use a variety of products to create for you the perfect deck.Custom decks from Triad Installations in Greensboro

Custom decks

Triad Installation can design and build a deck for you.  A custom deck includes features special to your home or property.  Kernersville residents love to entertain.  Decks can be built to accommodate outdoor parties and the flow and seating of guests.  Other Kernersville homeowners prefer a deck that is a quiet sanctuary from the rush of everyday life.  Designing a custom deck to capture peaceful, shady areas or to overlook scenic landscaping is a priority for these customers.  Still other families need an outdoor extension of the living room where the entire family can gather for barbeques and outdoor dinners.  The possibilities are endless especially when you factor in the different materials and styles available for deck construction.

Composite decks

Composite decks are constructed using alternative material to wood.  As such, they are strong and durable.  Composite decking material comes in a variety of colors and textures.  Triad Installations can help customize the deck to compliment your home.   For many homeowners, composite decks are a good choice due to the ease of cleaning and minimal maintenance.  We use only the highest quality composite decking material selected for your specific needs.

Wood decks

Wooden decks are popular because of their natural color and natural texture.  Many Kernersville homeowners prefer the natural appearance of wood as a transition from indoor to outdoor living space.  Triad Installations use only the highest quality pressure treated wood in deck construction.  We will carefully explain maintenance and can provide services for the upkeep of a wooden deck.

Whether repairing a deck or adding a new custom designed deck, Kernersville residents can turn to Triad Installations- your reliable, reputable and trustworthy roofing company, to also be your deck professional.  Call us today, to discuss building your dream custom deck, 336-854-5706.


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