Atrium Replacement Windows are your best choice by Triad Installations

Our replacement windows by Atrium are your best choice when thinking about replacing your old windows for more energy efficient ones. Our windows are energy star approved and come with a lifetime warranty, lifetime glass breakage warranty with low e glass and argon gas. Call the experts at Triad Installations at 336-854-5706 for an estimate or visit

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Residential roofing contractors Greensboro, NC, answer cry for help!

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Residential roofing contractors help homeowners through the process of repairing or replacing damaged roofs every day. As confident as you may be doing routine repairs around your house, when it comes to the all important goal of keeping a roof over your head, you seek out the professionals. You know a poorly executed roof repair can leave you vulnerable to all sorts of problems later on, any of which could be a larger problem than the initial repair. You know you really do not want to be climbing around on your roof. You know residential roofing contractors in your vicinity are well-informed about local zoning and building permission requirements. So, you begin your search for a reputable roofer in Greensboro, NC.

Where do I start?

Residential roofing contractors are listed all over: in the yellow pages, with the Better Business Bureau, with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and online. These days it is a simple thing to check websites of prospective roofing contractors, making it easier to come up with a short list of potential roofing companies. Go to your local building supply store and ask around. Look at bulletin boards in your local coffee shop. Check your local neighborhood streets, and make note of roofing contractor signs posted outside ongoing roofing projects.

What do I look for?

One of the first things to consider when choosing residential roofing contractors is whether they are likely to still be in business five or six years down the road. That is when problems most commonly crop up. Listen to what your instincts, and have faith in your own good judgment. Once you have your short list of residential roofing contractors in Greensboro, NC, ask for and carefully consider the referrals each gives you. Check every single referral by telephone or with a drive by. Do not take short-cuts. This is the roof over your head and needs careful and experienced attention.

Ask for proof of insurances: liability for damage to you or your home, or to a third party, and workers compensation insurance. Ask to see a listing of memberships to professional associations, and training certifications each contractor holds. Ask to see local and state permits and licenses. Most important of all, ask for a written estimate.  With a written estimate you can better compare not only total price, but materials and services included by each bidder, because price should not be your only (or your most important) consideration.

Whether you are looking to repair your damaged roof or to replace your roof, residential roofing contractors are the businessmen for you. One such experienced and reputable residential roofing contractor is Triad Installations in Greensboro, NC who have been doing business for over a quarter century.  Put this residential roofing contractor on your list of contacts and have them come out and offer a free estimate on your next residential roofing project!



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Choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors in Winston-Salem

Choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors in Winston-Salem doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Knowing the right questions to ask when interviewing roof installers, checking with family and friends for recommendations, as well as making use of social media and the Internet are a few steps homeowners can take to make sure they choose the most reputable roof installers in the Winston-Salem and Triad area for their next roof installation or repair.

Where do I begin when choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors?

Residential roofing companies in Winston-Salem NCOpening up a phone book and going through a long list of roof installers one-by-one is one way to go about choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors, but it may not be the best use of your time. There are countless roof installers in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point and Kernersville NC area, and you don’t want to call each and every one for an interview and estimate; your roof installation would never get off the ground!

Asking friends and family for recommendations, especially if they have had recent roof repairs or new roofs installed, is a good first step when choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors. People who are satisfied with their roof installation will be happy to recommend their roof installers, and believe me, if they were dissatisfied, they will be happy to tell you that, too. Make sure to ask your friends and family if they were satisfied with how the roof installers treated their home. Make sure to ask recommenders if every stage of their roof installation, including the pulling of permits, was handled by the roofing contractor, or were they left to work out the details themselves? Was their home kept clean of debris? Were the technicians polite and respectful? These are questions you don’t want to forget to ask, and then regret not asking when your bushes are trampled by debris thrown from your roof by less reputable residential roofing contractors.

Social media and the Internet a good place for reviews when choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors for your next roof installation

The Internet has made the job of choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors for your next roof installation or repair much easier than it was fifteen years ago. Google and Yahoo have roofer reviews for Internet savvy users to peruse and then decide whether to call for an interview. Social media sites are a great place to check out reviews of roofing companies, especially from members of the site who live in the Triad area. Homeowners should remember that not all reviews are to be trusted, and they should be used only as a starting point, to narrow down your list of roof installers so it is manageable. Still, there are often links on these review sites to roofing contractor websites, so you can see what they have to say about the work they do.

Choosing the most reliable residential roofing contractors for your next roof installation or repair in Winston-Salem is much more manageable when asking friends and family for recommendations, as well as making use of the Internet and social media sites. Just as you would never judge a book by its cover, neither should you choose your roof installer based on his the name of his company, or the size of the ad in the phonebook. Use what resources you have at your fingertips first, call friends and family, and surf the web. While you’re there, look up reviews for Triad Installations, Winston-Salem roofing contractor, and check out all the positive feedback on this reputable roof installer!

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Residential roofing contractors in Winston-Salem NC are an investment

Residential roofing contractors are not all alike, and before homeowners put serious money into installing a new roof or repairing the old one, they should do some homework first to protect their investment. Roof contractors can say a lot of things to homeowners and make a lot of empty promises, so be sure you are getting the real deal before hiring residential roofing contractors.

Some questions to ask before hiring residential roofing contractors

Residential roofing contractors in Winston-Salem NCResidential roofing contractors come in all shapes and sizes, some are local, while others may be fly-by-night operations preying on the very human need to trust fellow humans. But skepticism is healthy, and trustworthy roofers like Triad Installations will appreciate and understand a homeowner’s desire to protect their investment.

Before hiring residential roofing contractors, homeowners will do well to make sure the roofer has a permanent place of business with an address, phone number, tax ID and business license. Check with the residential roofing contractor to make sure he carries liability insurance and worker’s compensation, and ask to see documentation. You don’t want to be left holding the bill for injuries sustained on your property. Ask for references on completed projects, and then follow-up with phone calls. Reliable roofing companies are more than happy to share references. Checking to see if your residential roofing contractor is licensed and bonded is also necessary.

When residential roofing companies come to your Greensboro, High Point or Kernersville NC home to give you an estimate, get it in writing, and make sure to pin down specifics about the job, such as start date and estimated finish date. Make sure to ask about the types of materials used and payment procedures. It also can’t hurt to know whether the residential roofing contractor is a member of a professional organization.

Visiting worksites eye-opening, necessary experience

If homeowners can visit worksites, it is a good way to get an idea about how your home will be treated. If worksites are dirty and workers are using foul language or are otherwise disrespectful, chances are you won’t want them at your house. Reputable roofers such as Triad Installations have built a business on not only using quality materials, but also quality people. Residential roofing contractors who are professionals in the industry will always treat the worksite professionally, as if it were their own.

Remember to ask about warranties, and make sure you understand them. Sometimes, residential roofing contractors will make a low bid, and that may be fine. But, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And finally, keep a healthy bit of skepticism. Ask hard questions and get the answers you deserve before making your investment.

Residential roofing contractors are mostly good and honest, but there are some who do not have your best interests at heart. Triad area homeowners should be skeptical and do their homework before hiring to avoid getting burned. If you are interested in finding out about a new roof, or have other home remodeling questions, call Triad Installations, Kernersville residential roofing company, today.

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Residential roofing contractors at Triad Installations offer personal touch and local connection.

Triad Installations, trusted residential roof contractorResidential roofing contractors who are reputable and reliable always offer clients the best options to fit their budget and needs. Big chain roofing companies often don’t give the one-on-one service and follow-up Kernersville NC and Triad area clients deserve. Trustworthy residential roofing contractors have no hidden fees, offer personalized service, and listen to what clients want.

Your home is the number one priority with reputable residential roofing contractors

Residential roofing contractors who have a local connection are always available to offer clients their complete attention. Local roof contractors save clients money with reduced travel time which allows more time for actual work, early arrival to take advantage of maximum work hours, and complete service that includes retrieving necessary permits and hauling away of materials; a big chain roofing company would have to hire outside sources to do these things. With reputable roofers your home is their main focus from the first meeting until the last scrap material is hauled away. Trusted residential roofing contractors always guarantee quality service and follow-up maintenance services.

Pushy salespeople not a worry with Triad Installations

Residential roofing contractors with a local connection always have the best interests of their clients at heart. Unlike dealing with those big chain roofers, pushy salespeople will not try to sell you something you don’t want or need. Reputable roofers sit down with clients and discuss all options, and all price points, to make sure you get the roof that you can afford and that you want. A roofing company who listens to clients will honor their desires and avoid a hard sale technique, discussing the pros and cons of project proposals honestly and openly. Residential roofing contractors in Kernersville, NC and Triad area are the ones to call for an honest and affordable roof project.

Residential roofing contractors make anniversary inspections to ensure satisfaction

Residential roofing contractors with reliable service want clients to be fully satisfied with the quality of workmanship and materials. That is why Triad Installations offers a three-year anniversary inspection to guarantee that the work completed is satisfactory. At no charge to clients, your reputable roofing company returns to your home within ten days after you schedule the anniversary inspection to check the roof they installed and guaranteed. For five years, roofers guarantee workmanship, which means during that time if anything is found wrong with the roof due to faulty workmanship it is repaired or replaced at no cost to the client. Only local residential roofing contractors can provide the sort of personalized service clients have come to expect and deserve.

Local residential roofing contractors offer clients a personal touch with extra services and one-on-one attention. Reliable roofers will never try to sell you something you can’t afford or do not need, always sitting down and listening to what you want, then discussing pros and cons of project proposals. If you want a roofer who guarantees workmanship for five years, provides anniversary inspections for three years after installation, and takes care of every aspect of the project from start to finish, call Triad Installations, your trustworthy Kernersville, NC and Triad area residential roofing contractor!

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