Atrium Replacement Windows are your best choice by Triad Installations

Our replacement windows by Atrium are your best choice when thinking about replacing your old windows for more energy efficient ones. Our windows are energy star approved and come with a lifetime warranty, lifetime glass breakage warranty with low e glass and argon gas. Call the experts at Triad Installations at 336-854-5706 for an estimate or visit

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Triad Installations marks more than 30 years in construction and roofing business



A local roofing company in Greensboro North Carolina marks more than 30 years in the construction and roofing business. With services backed up with years and years of experience, this family owned local business now offers different services for their customers which include roof installation, decks, windows installation and vinyl siding replacement. Today, Triad Installations offer special promotions on their services to help ease the costs of home remodeling and repair jobs for the residents in the area they serve.


Triad Installations also offer free Low E and Argon gas for customers who purchase and install 5 or more new windows in their homes. Energy efficient windows today, like what this company offers can greatly reduce the cooling costs consumer pay each month. This costs can easily soar high during the summer months. This summer alone, majority of the states in the US have felt the hottest summer since 1984. This is why, more and more consumers in Greensboro and surrounding areas ask for help from roofing and construction companies like Triad Installations for the replacement of their windows and damaged roof.


Triad Installations is a fully operated and owned by a family in Greensboro. With their years and years of experience in the field, their customers are assured with the best construction and roofing services available in the area. For more information about Triad Installations and their services visit:

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Energy Efficient Windows Installation, Offered by a Local Roofing and Construction Company in Greensboro NC


Energy efficient window replacements can now be enjoyed by residents in Greensboro and the Triad area in North Carolina, thanks to Triad Installations. All customers who opts for the installation of 5 or more replacement windows can gets a free Low E and Argon Gas. It can be noted that energy efficient windows is one of the best way to save money in cooling costs. It is also an effective way to cut down the amount of UV rays entering a premise. In a study it has been cited that choice of windows can greatly affect the temperature inside a building or a home. This is why more and more residents in Greensboro and surrounding areas opts to replace their old windows with new energy efficient graded 6 windows replacement.


Energy efficient windows specially those that are coated with vinyl can help families and businesses in reducing their monthly cooling costs, specially during the summer months because of this innovation. Most windows installation companies today use this innovation, however only few are said to be “expertly knowledgeable” on how it is done. Triad Installations, have paired up with world class suppliers to achieve top notch quality and services for their residential and business customers who use their service.


Triad Installations is one of the most recognized roofing company in the area and has been in the business for more than 10 years. Rich Barlow cited in his roofing report entitled “The Eight Secrets To Successful Roofing and Remodeling” that roof installation and construction must be done with complete caution and must be completed by an expert in the field. Today, more and more customers in the Greensboro and Triad area in North Carolina are equipped in undertaking remodeling project because of this report. For more information about Triad Installations and their services visit:




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Searching for energy efficient window replacements in Greensboro NC

energy-efficient windowsThere are certain attributes that should be universal whenever considering energy efficient window replacements. In the last few years, finding energy efficient windows has become more affordable. Significant features such as low-E coatings and gas-filled panes are becoming standard. There are also many new features such as fiberglass window frames.

Fuel and heating costs are rising. Many homeowners make the decision to replace obsolete and drafty windows with modern and energy efficient replacement windows. Beyond the simple economics of reducing your energy bill, new windows will make your home comfortable, quiet, and attractive. However, the decision to replace old windows with energy efficient windows still requires some attention to detail. Considering the following aspects when making your decision.

Efficiency ratings

Manufacturers rate their replacement windows with a U-factor. This is the appraisal of a window’s capability to conduct heat. The U-factor is the window industry version of the R-value, which is a measure of insulating ability. This is how you would judge a window capacity to keep a home cool in summer and warm in winter.

The R-value is more familiar to the general public, but manufacturers avoid listing it because it might seem less remarkable. The R-value of the very best windows is about a 2 or 3, which is the same R-value for an un-insulated wall.

Finding an installer

Even the highest quality windows will not insulate, enhance your home, provide comfort, or deliver the savings you expect if they are poorly installed. Major window manufacturers train and certify installers for their specific products. Using the same contractor for purchase and installation can minimize the chances of problems arising later.

Before work begins ask your window installer if they have certification to install windows. Deviating from the manufacturer’s recommendations could void the warranty. Using a certified installer insures that you have done your part to maintain the warranty. Triad Installations was one Winston-Salem and Greensboro NC area window installer that was certified and ready to come out and give me a free estimate.

If you have children

Open windows are a hazard to small children; the standard-setting organization, ASTM, has developed a nationwide standard that would prevent a child from opening a window beyond four inches while allowing an adult to open it fully in case of a fire or other emergency. Ask your contractor if they have recommendations for child-safety latch options for double-hung and casement windows.

Picking the best window installer in Greensboro

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when deciding on energy efficient window replacements for your home. Finding a reputable and trustworthy window installer is critical to making the process go safely and economically. I hired the best window installer in Greensboro NC, Triad Installations. This reliable roofer has been serving the area since 1984. They are certified window installers. You can trust this reputable roofing company and window installer to give you an honest and complete turnkey job with no hidden extras. Visit their website and see for yourself, or call them for a free estimate on energy efficient window replacements.

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Triad Installations: Best guarantees in Winston-Salem!

Roof contractors in Winston-Salem and Triad areaRoof contractors may make a lot of promises to homeowners, but will they back their workmanship and materials up with some of the best guarantees in the business? Not always. When this Winston-Salem area trustworthy roofer comes out to your home to offer a free estimate, everything will be put into writing, from the materials used, to the timeline of service. All aspects of your home improvement job will be handled by this reputable roof contractor who wants customers to recommend his services to friends and family. Roof contractors can say a lot of things, but make sure they will back them up like the best roofing contractors at Triad Installations.

Who are you letting onto your property and inside your home?

Roof contractors come onto your property to install everything from roofs to vinyl windows and custom decks. You want to be sure roof contractors are licensed, bonded and insured. Did you know that if a roofing company employee injures himself on the job, you might be responsible if the roofer he works for does not carry adequate insurance? Most roofers are good people but disreputable individuals will sometimes go door-to-door selling home improvement and roofing jobs at discounted prices in order to gain access to your home or make a quick buck. Do not risk theft or subpar workmanship to save money. When you call trustworthy roof contractors who are licensed, bonded and insured, they will come to your home and offer free written estimates. The best roof company has five-year guarantees against faulty workmanship, and offers three years of anniversary inspections to make sure the workmanship and materials are holding up as promised. If you want roof contractors whose services are guaranteed and backed up with warranties that promise satisfaction at any cost, call the best roof contractors in the High Point area, Triad Installations!

Roof contractors do a variety of home improvements in Winston-Salem and Triad area!

Roof contractors do not install only roofs, although that is one of the largest aspects of their business. In Kernersville NC, homeowners can call the best roof contractors for installation of vinyl siding and vinyl windows, custom decks and sun rooms, screened-in porches, gutter installations, general carpentry, exterior doors, and even overhangs and porches. With more than 80 years of combined experience, Triad Installations does not think any job is too small, and is happy to come out to your home to discuss your home improvement needs and even show you how you can have the home of your dreams.

Roof contractors may make a lot of promises to homeowners, but make sure those promises are backed up by written estimates and warranties. Roofers are coming onto your property and into your home, so it is wise to make sure you know who this company is and not just go with a fly by night operation because it might save you money. The best roof contractors are always licensed, bonded and insured, so make sure your roofing company has this protection. Roof contractors don’t only install roofs; the best roofing companies offer a variety of home improvement services for homeowners, so be sure to ask how you can achieve your dream home. If you are ready for a home upgrade, be sure to call Triad Installations, the best roof contractors in Winston-Salem!

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Winston-Salem residents save money with energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows in Winston-Salem NC and Triad areaEnergy efficient windows may be the answer to saving money on your heating and cooling costs. Older windows are not made with the latest, energy star approved glass found in replacement windows installed by Triad Installations in Kernersville NC. You may as well as keep the windows open, with the heat and air blowing year round given the lack of insulation found in dated windows. Energy efficient windows are beautiful, strong, and custom-fit to make good economic sense.

Energy efficient windows a home upgrade!

Energy efficient windows not only save you money on your monthly energy bill, they also improve the value of your home. When your reliable roofer installs energy star approved vinyl windows, your home will improve dramatically in its appearance. The best roof contractors use ViewPoint Windows because their vinyl windows come in an array of price points and styles to suit even the most discriminating homeowners. ViewPoint also uses Low-E coated glass, among other options, to deflect or absorb the sun’s rays depending on the season. With the ease of tilt vinyl replacement windows, homeowners have no trouble keeping their windows sparkling and clear, improving their appearance. Energy efficient windows do more than save money, they add to the value of your Greensboro and Triad area home!

High Point reputable roofing company offers free written estimates, and no sales run-around

Energy efficient windows could save you money and increase your home value, but who wants to deal with a pushy sales person trying to sell you more expensive windows than you need? That will not happen when you call Triad Installations for a free consultation and estimate on vinyl windows. Replacement windows can be costly, but trustworthy roof contractors want satisfied customers who will recommend their business to friends and families. Fly by night operations may offer low prices on windows, but their vinyl windows are not of the same quality you will find with ViewPoint Windows and Low-E coated glass. Homeowners often take door-to-door pitchmen at their word, without getting an estimate in writing, and find themselves inundated with hidden costs. When you call a reputable roofing company to install energy efficient windows, you get some of the best warranties in the market, along with turnkey service from start to finish. Your local roofers will save you time and heartache when it comes to the installation of energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows by Triad Installations, the Kernersville NC and Triad area roofing company, make sense with the high cost of heating and cooling houses . Vinyl windows are attractive and have the convenience of tilt action when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of energy efficient windows, call the Winston-Salem, High Point and Greensboro trustworthy roofing company at Triad Installations today, for a free estimate!

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