Custom decks bring homeowners to the great outdoors!

Custom decks for home improvement projects in Kernersville NC and Triad areaCustom decks are a wonderful way to not only increase the beauty of your home, but also to enhance your entertainment and relaxation options! With the beautiful weather unique to the Kernersville NC and Triad area, it makes sense to bring entertaining options into the outdoors. The trustworthy roofers at Triad Installations can take your specifications and create a custom deck with a variety of materials from specialty lumbers to composite decks that meet most budgets and fit any style. Custom decks can be as elaborate or subtle as client desire.

Custom decks are full of options and variety of price points

Custom decks are as unique as the homeowner. Maybe you are big on entertaining and wish to create a flowing deck to accommodate large crowds. Or, maybe, you would like a quiet sanctuary, under a tree where you can relax and read a book or sip iced tea. Whatever your desires, your trustworthy Kernersville NC roofing company will offer a variety of materials to create your dream deck. Custom decks can be created from a variety of substances, including lumber, composite material, aluminum, western red cedar, teak, mahogany, recycled and other hardwoods. When you ask the experts at Triad Installation to replace my deck, they will advise which materials work best to match your home and what materials are best for the area where you live. If you only say to repair my deck, the professionals will handle the job and save you the hassle of DIY stress. Custom decks will enhance your quality of life and increase your entertaining options!

Composite decks green option for custom decks

Custom decks made from composite materials are a green alternative when choosing decking materials. Usually made from wood and plastic, composite decks are designed to look like wood. This attractive material is often made with recycled products, increasing its popularity and desirability. Your reputable Kernersville NC and Triad area roofing company offers two types of composite decks, solid decking and hollow materials. Just like wood, solid decking expands and contracts, and looks most like wood decking. Hollow materials do not expand and contract, and look less like wood. Both options offered by Triad Installations, however, will require little to no maintenance as they don’t require painting or staining, and will not rot or warp like wood can. Bare feet are a go with composite decks as there is no danger of splinters from composite materials. With twice yearly cleaning and scrubbing with soap and water, composite decks will retain their good looks for up to twenty years! Custom decks from composite materials are an easy maintenance, green alternative for eco-conscious homeowners.

Wood makes custom deck elegant and natural choice

Custom decks come in a variety of materials, but wood is the most natural looking choice for homeowners. Using high quality pressure treated wood, your reliable Triad area roof contractor will install a dream of a deck for you that will provide years of outdoor entertainment and relaxation. Wood requires a little maintenance and upkeep, but the results are worth the effort. With its natural texture and stain options, wood is an easy transition from indoors to outdoors, taking homeowners away from the hustle and bustle of life by opening the door and stepping outside. The professionals at Triad Installations offer homeowners who choose custom decks made of wood explicit instructions on how to care for their new deck, and can also provide upkeep services.

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Roof repair isn’t rocket science, but it does require experience and quality workmanship!

Triad Installations specializes in guaranteed roof repairs and installationsRoof repair can be a headache. From finding a reputable roofer who won’t pressure you into buying something you neither want nor need, to stressing over whether the roof contractors in Kernersville NC and Triad area will stand behind their service and do what they say they will in the time they guarantee, the hassles involved in fixing a roof can make you want to put a bucket under the leak and pretend it is an indoor birdbath! Roof repair need not be such a hassle when you call Triad Installations!

Fix my damaged roof…yesterday!

Roof repair is the last thing clients with a busy schedule want to deal with, especially when they have heard horror stories from friends and neighbors about fly-by-night business who come in for a day, then leave the job for weeks, only finishing the job when it fits their schedule. Triad Installations in Kernersville NC and Triad area will answer your call for help promptly, do everything possible to meet your deadlines, and if they can’t, they will refer you to another reliable roofing company in Kernersville. Roof repair by experienced, reputable roofers should be straightforward and guaranteed!

Repair my roof but don’t break my budget!

Roof repair by trustworthy roofing companies is never going to break your budget with a roof installation you can’t afford and frankly, don’t want. When trustworthy roofers understand architecture, neighborhood concerns, design trends, resale concerns and market value, they are able to offer quality materials to enhance your home, not sell you a useless bill of goods that will leave you dissatisfied. Your reputable roof contractor in the Kernersville NC and Triad area takes care of the job from start to finish, coming in with a variety of roofing options and cleaning up after the project is finished. Roof repair is easy and affordable with Triad Installations!

Roof repair doesn’t have to be a hassle, but it should be done with experienced roofers who stand behind their workmanship. When Triad Installations answers your call, they are on site as quickly as possible, providing written estimates that meet your budget and style needs, without pressure to buy something out of your price range. Quick response time, highly-skilled carpenters and technicians, as well as a five year faulty workmanship guarantee are some of the reasons clients come back time and again to this trustworthy roofing company. Every phase of the roofing job, from estimate to cleanup is handled by your reliable roofer, and backed up by a three-year anniversary inspection to ensure the work holds up in the condition it was installed. Roof repair can be enjoyable and satisfactory when you call the best roof contractor in the Kernersville NC and Triad area!


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The reviews are in – Triad Installations is the roofing company to call for your next contracting job!

Roofing reviews to find the best roofer in Kernersville NC and Triad areaRoofing company reviews are a great starting point for customers looking for roof contractors who are trustworthy. Most roof contractors are consistent and reliable, but it only takes one bad experience to tarnish the image of an industry. When you are in the market for a roofer to repair or replace a damaged roof, install windows, provide vinyl siding or energy efficient windows, consulting roofing company reviews can ease the anxiety of the search and help you find the most trustworthy roofing company in the Kernersville NC and Triad area.

Word of mouth best advertisement

Roofing company reviews offer satisfied clients an outlet to praise the work of reliable roofers, while also providing dissatisfied customers a way to warn off potential victims of roofing companies who prove to be less than reputable. When your roof is leaking or some of your shingles fly off in the next bad storm and you don’t know where to turn, seeking out roofing company reviews are a jumping off point, followed by a face-to-face meeting with a roof contractor. Triad Installations takes pride in their positive client reviews. Customers rave about the quality of their work, the friendliness of their crews, and the commitment to staying on schedule. Roofing company reviews begin the process of finding a roofer, and help narrow down your list to make the search much more manageable.

Reputable roofers in Kernersville get best reviews and offer variety of services

Roofing company reviews are one way to start the process, but what else should clients look for in a roofing contractor? Some things to consider when searching for a roofer is whether or not it is a residential roofing company with years of service in the community; if the roof contractor provides a workmanship guarantee with a three-year anniversary inspection program; or if technicians are experienced and seasoned professionals and not fly-by-night employees. These are all qualities clients will find in Triad Installations, and reasons they consistently receive the highest praise in their roofing company reviews.

Training and certification only part of a roofing company story, what do the customers think?

Roofing company reviews give potential clients a well-rounded look at roof contractors, filling in the blanks after clients make sure that all the essential professional certifications and training are in place. Checking with the Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no complaints is always recommended, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. How do clients feel about the quality of materials? Did clients feel comfortable with the technicians? What about cleanup, was it shoddy or pristine? These are questions addressed in reviews that cannot be covered in professional certificates. Roofing company reviews can help Kernersville NC and Triad area residents make that tough decision of which reputable roofer to hire at a time when these decisions are complicated with the stress of dealing with a leaky or damaged roof.

Roofing company reviews consistently praise the quality of workmanship, friendliness of technicians, and complete attention to cleanup of Triad Installations. With more than 80 years of combined experience, these trustworthy contractors offer clients a three-year anniversary inspection, five-year workmanship guarantee, and attention to detail that is raved about in roofing company reviews. Roofing company reviews in Kernersville NC and Triad area will have you picking up the phone and calling these reliable roofers for your next roof repair!

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Residential roofing contractors at Triad Installations offer personal touch and local connection.

Triad Installations, trusted residential roof contractorResidential roofing contractors who are reputable and reliable always offer clients the best options to fit their budget and needs. Big chain roofing companies often don’t give the one-on-one service and follow-up Kernersville NC and Triad area clients deserve. Trustworthy residential roofing contractors have no hidden fees, offer personalized service, and listen to what clients want.

Your home is the number one priority with reputable residential roofing contractors

Residential roofing contractors who have a local connection are always available to offer clients their complete attention. Local roof contractors save clients money with reduced travel time which allows more time for actual work, early arrival to take advantage of maximum work hours, and complete service that includes retrieving necessary permits and hauling away of materials; a big chain roofing company would have to hire outside sources to do these things. With reputable roofers your home is their main focus from the first meeting until the last scrap material is hauled away. Trusted residential roofing contractors always guarantee quality service and follow-up maintenance services.

Pushy salespeople not a worry with Triad Installations

Residential roofing contractors with a local connection always have the best interests of their clients at heart. Unlike dealing with those big chain roofers, pushy salespeople will not try to sell you something you don’t want or need. Reputable roofers sit down with clients and discuss all options, and all price points, to make sure you get the roof that you can afford and that you want. A roofing company who listens to clients will honor their desires and avoid a hard sale technique, discussing the pros and cons of project proposals honestly and openly. Residential roofing contractors in Kernersville, NC and Triad area are the ones to call for an honest and affordable roof project.

Residential roofing contractors make anniversary inspections to ensure satisfaction

Residential roofing contractors with reliable service want clients to be fully satisfied with the quality of workmanship and materials. That is why Triad Installations offers a three-year anniversary inspection to guarantee that the work completed is satisfactory. At no charge to clients, your reputable roofing company returns to your home within ten days after you schedule the anniversary inspection to check the roof they installed and guaranteed. For five years, roofers guarantee workmanship, which means during that time if anything is found wrong with the roof due to faulty workmanship it is repaired or replaced at no cost to the client. Only local residential roofing contractors can provide the sort of personalized service clients have come to expect and deserve.

Local residential roofing contractors offer clients a personal touch with extra services and one-on-one attention. Reliable roofers will never try to sell you something you can’t afford or do not need, always sitting down and listening to what you want, then discussing pros and cons of project proposals. If you want a roofer who guarantees workmanship for five years, provides anniversary inspections for three years after installation, and takes care of every aspect of the project from start to finish, call Triad Installations, your trustworthy Kernersville, NC and Triad area residential roofing contractor!

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Roofing experts at Triad Installations always treat your home as if it is their own!

Triad Installations, certified roofing experts in Kernersville and Triad areaRoofing experts in the Triad area can install or repair your roof armed with years of experience and skilled craftsmen. Nothing is better than word of mouth advertising, and reputable roofers with more than 80 years of combined experience enjoy a trustworthy reputation. When your house is in need of a roof repair or a new roof installation, the roofing company on your speed dial should be Triad Installations in Kernersville NC, and Triad area!

Professional certification and training essential for hiring roofing experts

Roofing experts always strive to remain abreast of roofing trends and stay updated on the latest technology. Trustworthy roofing contractors are members of a variety of professional organizations, including the National Association of Home Builders, and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. When searching for a reputable roof contractor, consumers can begin their search at the Better Business Bureau. Customers should also make sure that roofing companies are members in good standing with a variety of professional organizations, and maintain industry certifications. Roofing experts in Kernersville NC are always willing to offer free estimates, keeping in mind the needs and budgets of their clients.

Triad Installations has special heart for elderly customers

Roofing experts want nothing more than to provide the best possible service for their customers, with minimum hassle and stress. For the elderly and single women, shopping for a reputable roofer can be daunting, filled with fear of a high-pressure sales pitch for a roof they neither want nor can afford. A trustworthy roofing company will explain all options to customers, provide free estimates, and avoid high-pressure sales tactics. Reputable roofing experts always keep clients informed of each step of the roofing process, are polite and respectful, and will leave clients’ yards as clean and neat, maybe even cleaner, than before they arrived.

Roofing experts offer variety of roof shingle options

The roofing experts at Triad Installations have years of experience, but most importantly, they stay abreast of the latest product trends and designs. Reputable roof contractors offer a variety of roofing options for clients, from metal and tile to shingles. Three major options for shingles include asphalt, architectural roofing, and specialty shingles. Asphalt has been around the longest, and is the most economical choice for homeowners. Architectural shingles are a dramatic choice and provide a three dimensional effect.  For homeowners in the Triad area who are looking for an Old World style, specialty shingles are the way to go. Though they are the most expensive shingle option, roofing experts recommend specialty shingles for their cost payoff of 50 year to lifetime warranties.

Roofing experts stay abreast of design trends and roofing technology that benefits customers while ensuring a trustworthy reputation. Customers searching for roof contractors should check professional certifications and training when searching for reliable roof contractors. Elderly customers are sometimes anxious about choosing a roofing company, afraid of high-pressure sales tactics, but reputable roofers will always offer free estimates and keep customers aware of each and every step of the process. The roofing experts at Triad Installations are the roofing company to call for customers who seek skilled craftsman with years of experience!

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Is a metal roof right for me in Greensboro?

Metal roofs can play an important role in the Greensboro Goes Green initiative.  This program is an extensive and comprehensive program aimed at getting all of Greensboro’s citizens involved in making Greensboro the greenest city in the region.  Greensboro is dedicated to improving the environment and making the city truly a green leader.  Roofing companies in Greensboro are supporting the green initiative with greener roofing materials.  Greensboro roofing companies can install metal roofing to residences with a bevy of eco-friendly benefits.  Reliable, established, trustworthy Greensboro roofers have as much stake as everyone else in keeping our city clean and green.Is a metal roof right for me in Greensboro?

Are metal roofing options right for your residential roofing needs?  Here are some of the main reasons metal roofing is considered a beneficial green roofing option.  First, metal roofing can be installed over existing roofing.  This has many benefits including reducing the length of a roofing project.  More importantly, however, it reduces waste.  Old roofing material, such as asphalt shingles which would end up in a landfill, is left in place and the metal roof is installed over it.  When metal roofs are properly installed by an established Greensboro roofing company, they are good insulators. In addition, a metal roof can reflect the hot Carolina sun away from the house.  A metal roof can reduce your energy bills by keeping internal temperatures more stable.

Greensboro roofers can install metal roofs in a variety of designs and colors.  Although more expensive than basic roofing material, metal roofs are less expensive than many shingle options.  Most metals have a long warranty, up to fifty years, which make them a good investment.  Metal roofs will not deteriorate like wood shingles or asphalt and they are wind and fire resistant.  In some instances, insurance companies may offer discounts off your homeowner’s policy for having a metal roof.  Metal roofs can also be coated with special treatments to resist sea air.  Greensboro’s best roofers can explain these options to you.

Skilled, reputable Greensboro roofing contractors can install lightweight metal roofing to your home.  Once installed, metal roofing requires less maintenance than other roofing options.  In addition, the metal is designed to interlock protecting building material beneath the visible roof.  Although lightweight, metal roofs stand up to high winds.  With Greensboro’s location near the Atlantic coast, protecting our homes from hurricanes must always be a consideration.  As you drive to the beach, look at the number of houses that have opted for metal roofing.

Greensboro enjoys a reputation as a beautiful city with parks, gardens, university campuses and museums devoted to nature.  Preserving Greensboro’s unique, natural character is more than an initiative on a government web page.  It requires everyone doing their part.  If the time has come to replace your roof, consider a metal roof installed by a reliable, reputable, trustworthy Greensboro roofing company.  Professional Greensboro roofers are anxious to discuss your roofing needs and options with you.  Go green!


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