Atrium Replacement Windows are your best choice by Triad Installations

Our replacement windows by Atrium are your best choice when thinking about replacing your old windows for more energy efficient ones. Our windows are energy star approved and come with a lifetime warranty, lifetime glass breakage warranty with low e glass and argon gas. Call the experts at Triad Installations at 336-854-5706 for an estimate or visit

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Getting the best value for your Greensboro roof replacment

Greensboro roof repairSaving money with proper roof replacement

If you are not careful, a Greensboro roof replacement can cost you more than is necessary, especially if you do not find an honest and experienced contractor for the project. A significant portion of your roof repairs can be covered by your homeowner policy. However, there will be occasions when the cost of the project must come out of your pocket. This is where your roofing company can save you significant cost for the repairs. Here are some of the guides to help you find the best price and the best roofing company in the Greensboro area.

Hire a professional

Find a contractor for your Greensboro roof replacement who is an expert and who has been in the business and part of your community for decades. If you are interviewing multiple companies, have them inspect your roof and give you a detailed and thorough estimate that explains the extent of the work that needs to be done. If you have filed a claim and you are dealing with an insurance adjuster, make sure that your contractor is involved in the decisions. Remember, the adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company, and the contractor works for you. The two can get together and come up with a plan that protects your interest and keeps your warranty intact.

Read your policy and your warranty

It is important that you understand your policy and your materials warranty. There are not many individuals who can completely understand insurance policy language. There are specialists at reputable roofing companies that are extremely knowledgeable about working with insurance policies, and they can provide advice that will give you the best value for your investment. If you have not already done so, change your policy from an “actual cash value” policy to a “replacement cost” type of policy. Be sure to pay close attention to your roofing material warranty. Manufacturers are not only selective regarding the materials used in repairs, but they also may require you to make repairs with certified installers.

Choose value over price

Sometimes homeowners are fooled into thinking that the company that offers the lowest price is providing you the best available deal. This is rarely true at all. Remember that you get what you pay for; good service and quality materials cost a little more. However, when using licensed and insured companies, they will give you similar prices from which to choose.

Trustworthy company for Greensboro roof replacement

Triad Installations is the ideal choice for your next roofing repair project. They have been installing and repairing shingle roofs in the Triad area since 1984. They are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, and they have satisfied customers from Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas. Call us today for a FREE Quote on your Greensboro roof replacement

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Greensboro roof replacement companies are the best option for storm damage

Greensboro roof repairBeware of storm chasers

During storm season, there will be an influx of out of town, even out of state contractors, and it is important to use a Greensboro roof replacement company, especially after a bad storm. Local roofers that are competent and experienced are familiar with the local proceedings for obtaining the right permits as expeditiously as possible. Area contractors are also experts with Greensboro roofing codes and procedures, as well as the regulations that are enforced by homeowner associations. They are in touch with trends and idiosyncrasies in local roof styles and materials. Additionally, they have an established relationship with local building material suppliers and can keep your roof cost low. Most importantly, local roofing companies will be accessible when the job has finished and in case you have any warranty issues later on.

Greensboro roofing companies are intimately familiar with the regional weather patterns. When they inspect your home, they know what to look for and where to find it, including the weather patterns in High Point, Winston-Salem, and other surrounding areas. Contractors who have been providing services in the area for a long time have strong professional affiliations with insurance adjusters and agents, which means faster and better service for your roof repair. When a storm has blown through and all the local contractors are naturally busy, resist the temptation to hire just anyone that shows up at the door. If you have a leak, a local contractor can get someone out to provide a temporary remedy until the work can be properly assessed.

Homeowners do not buy a new roof every day, so the process is one that takes time. It is so important that you choose a contractor that will provide you the price and the product that is best for your Greensboro roof replacement. In addition, a good roofing company will want the job to turn out as well as possible because they know that it will serve as excellent advertising for your friends and neighbors. Quality roofing companies want your experience to be satisfactory and as pain free an experience as possible.

Expert roofing installation in Greensboro NC

If you suspect that your roof needs repair and you are looking for a trustworthy roofing company, consider Triad Installation of Greensboro, NC. Triad has been replacing and installing high quality roofs in the Triad area for over 20 years. During this time they have seen it all, and they have a long list of satisfied customers to attest to their high quality work. If you feel you may have an insurance claim, they will be more than willing to help you through the process. Call them today, and you, too, will be convinced that they are one of the premier Greensboro roof replacement companies.

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Take care of Greensboro roof replacement while the sun shines

Greensboro roof repairTake advantage of the opportunity and get your roof replaced

Now is the time for Greensboro roof replacement. Have you ever heard the expression, “Make hay while the sun shines”? You are probably wondering why would I want to make hay, and what does sunshine have to do with it. The saying is an expression that is borne out of very practical and everyday wisdom from about 150 years ago. Back then, hay was a vitally important crop because horses where the primary transportation. So hay was like stopping at the gas station. It took many days for farmers to harvest, dry and gather hay. After it is harvested hay will be ruined if it gets too wet. So hay farmers had to take advantage of the hot, dry summer weather to cut and gather hay. Hence, the saying goes, “make hay while the sun shines”. Eventually, people began to use the phrase to mean that we should take advantage of opportunity while you still have a chance.

Prepare for storm damage to your roof

Last winter the weather conditions left many people with damaged property, including thousands of damaged roofs. The weather is something that none of us can prevent, and we really cannot predict it with any certainty. However, you can minimize the damage to your roof by making sure that repairs are made and that your roof is in the best possible condition for whatever comes our way. Even if you feel that you are one of the lucky ones who got away with minimal damage before, you will need to have a thorough inspection because if you do need repairs, the next rain storm will show you were all the leaks are. The objective is to replace them before the bad weather comes.

This means that you will need to find a reputable and trustworthy roofing contractor that knows just what to look for. It is best to hire a company that has been repairing and replacing roofs in the Greensboro area for a long time. Find a company that is not only familiar with the region and the neighborhoods, but also an installer that has had plenty of experience with insurance claims and enjoys a good reputation with adjusters and insurance agents. Look for a contractor that provides high quality products and that utilizes the latest product technology such as high wind resistant shingles or energy efficient shingles.

An experienced roofing contractor will not simply look for leaks; they will inspect the gutters, skylights, ventilation and every other component of your roof. You never know what Mother Nature has in store, all you can do is make sure that your home is safe and dry, and in the best shape possible. Obviously, as the summer storm season approaches, it is so important that we take advantage of this time to make roof replacement while the sun shines.

A Piedmont Triad roofing contractor

Call the experts at Triad Installations and they will be glad to give you a free estimate on roof repairs or replacement. Triad Installations has been installing and repairing roofs in the Triad area for over twenty years.  They are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, and highly regarded by their customers, with a reputation for honesty and integrity. They will repair your roof with the best possible products, giving you the finest roof possible. Call them today, even if you live in High Point, or Winston-Salem. You will be convinced that you have found the best roofing company for your Greensboro roof replacement.

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Plan Greensboro roof repair in the eye of the storm

Greensboro roof repairHolding fast in the eye of the storm

Greensboro roof repair is a common occurrence because from day to day, the elements relentlessly pounds on roofs in the area. An interesting term that is specific to the world of finance is the characterization of investment as holding fast in the eye of the storm. In times of great volatility and apprehension, investors are encouraged to invest more practically than emotionally, bearing in mind that the period of tranquility will be short-lived.

Greensboro is the same way with weather. The average year is fairly mild compared to a lot of other parts of the country. However, being on the southeastern seaboard means that it is only a matter of time before the next big storm blows through and will indiscriminately wreak havoc on everything… especially roofs. Homeowners are encouraged to maintain their roofs, keep them in top shape, and if replacement is in the plan, consider purchasing high wind resistant shingles.

Before the next big storm arrives, meet with your roofing contractor to evaluate your roof structure. Your contractor can tell you how your type of roof, will fare during a storm or even a hurricane. Go up into the attic to see if the trusses are supported and reinforced. Take a look at the roof underlayment and materials to ensure that they are in good condition and that they are properly installed.

Reinforcing Your Roof

Meet with a reputable roofing contractor to determine if your roof needs to be reinforced to better withstand powerful winds. As mentioned before, there are shingles that carry a high wind rating, if you are considering replacement of your roof; it is hard to argue with such logic. Ask your contractor to help you with the selection of the best options for your budget. Although the additional expense may be more than you had calculated, knowing that you are better prepared for a storm, and that the job was done right using the best available materials; is well worth the added cost. Be sure to carefully select your contractor. This is not work for a newbie, it is best to consult with experienced contractors who are very familiar with the Greensboro climate

Selecting a reputable roofer in Greensboro

Greensboro has many good roofers, but if you are looking to protect your investment and to prepare for stormy weather before the weather hits, consider Triad Installations. Triad has been installing and repairing roofs as far as High Point, and Winston-Salem for over twenty years. They enjoy a high rating with the Better Business Bureau and are considered the best contractor in the region by their customers. With a reputation as a trustworthy installer, they will work hard to stay within your budget and they also offer discounts for seniors and single moms. Call them today to schedule a free estimate for Greensboro roof repair to prepare for the next storm.

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Always be ready for Greensboro roof repair

Greensboro roof repairRepair my roof

Greensboro roof repair should always be in the forefront of your mind. The weather and the elements in the Piedmont Triad area can be deceptive. You really have to be on guard with a close ear to the weather. Typically, this area gets over 200 days of sunshine every year. The winters hardly dip below thirty degrees, and snow storms are rare.  But the flip side of the coin is that thunderstorms are frequent in the summer, many bringing hailstones and high winds. The temperatures rarely dip below zero, but we have a lot of days below freezing, and the ice storms are an ever present reality in January. So the general perception is that the weather is mild, but if you are not careful, you can experience some storm damage from a 10 minute hailstorm while you were at work, and you may not find out there is a problem for several months. Summer windstorms also bring gusts of wind that can wreak havoc on your shingles, yet, if there are no trees blown over, it is hard for anyone to consider that damage could have occurred.

Your roof never takes a day off. Regular maintenance and repairs will make sure that your roof can continue to offer the protection from the elements. Overlooking the regular maintenance and repair of your roof will eventually result in the early failure of your roofing system and this will cost you thousands of dollars. Consider roads and bridges as an example. Every summer we experience traffic delays because construction crews are working on the roads. Even if the roads were made to last 100 years, it is impossible to get the maximum service life from the road if it is not maintained due to daily wear and tear. In the same way, roofs were made to provide long term protection, but not without ongoing maintenances and repairs.

Roof inspections

Experienced roofing contractors should be involved when it comes to roof inspection and repair. They know just what to look for and where to look for it. There are some components of a roof that can deteriorate from the wear of ice and snow loads, from the shifting of the building, animal damage, and even improper construction. Your experienced contractor can find all these in short order.

Any roof repairs not dealt with after the first signs of failure can result in increased damage to the building. This loss can cost homeowners thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a roof. A trustworthy roofing installer knows how to look for early signs of trouble which means savings all around.

The best roof repair in the Triad area

If you live in the Piedmont Triad area, and you are looking for an experienced and reputable roofing company, consider Triad Installations. Triad has been repairing and installing roofs in Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem for over twenty years. They understand the demands of maintaining a roof and home in the Greensboro area, and they are exceptionally skilled at keeping customers happy. Call their office today to schedule a free consultation on Greensboro roof repair.

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