A custom deck for your Kernersville NC home

A custom deck is an opportunity to take your home outdoors. There are so many options for creating a custom deck- materials, and designs. Triad Installations is the best Kernersville or Greensboro NC contractor for your deck project.  In most remodeling projects, including decks, beauty is the top priority. Adding a deck or a patio to your home can really make it stand out. Decks are also a great selling feature, when you are ready to sell your home. Decks make any home more attractive and uniquely relaxing. Adding a deck to your home gives it a special feel of comfort and, in some sense, freedom.  A deck built near a shady tree provides a wonderful place to unwind and get away from the pressures of daily life, a kind of retreat.  Some decks are also built as additions to pools and outside barbeque areas.  The possibilities are endless and we at Triad Installations are here to help you get your dream deck according to your specifications and preferences.

Know the plan and purpose for your custom decks

Before creating your custom deck, decide the purpose, function and ideal size for your deck.  It is important to visualize how you will use your deck, and where you want your deck located. Decking specialists at Triad Installations in Kernersville NC can give you a better estimate on the cost of the project if you have already answered these questions. You will save some time if you consider these questions before their visit to your home.

Best materials for your deck

There are many different choices for deck materials.  Talk with one of our custom deck professionals in Kernersville about the benefits of each choice. Decks are usually made from treated lumber, composite material, aluminum, western red cedar, teak, mahogany, recycled planks, and other hardwoods. Triad Installations custom deck experts can advise you on what materials would be best to match your home, and what materials will be durable for your specific location.

Taking care of your custom deck in Kernersville NC

Once you have selected the style, size and materials for your deck, a Triad Installations personnel will schedule a time to build the custom deck custom deck by Triad Installationsof your choice.  It’s exciting to finally see the project complete, as you sit outside and admire your beautiful, new deck.  Remember, though, that your new deck will not stay this beautiful unless you take care of it with regular maintenance.  We at Triad Installations can instruct you on how to take care of your deck and keep it cozy and in top shape.

If you are interested in having a custom deck for your home in Kernersville or Greensboro NC, call us today to help you make your dream of a custom deck come true.

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