Free and guaranteed roof estimates at Triad InstallationsRoof estimates are the first step customers make when interviewing roof contractors to replace or repair damaged and old roofs. Reliable roofers will always listen to the client needs and desires, making sure to avoid miscommunication and costly mistakes. When a roofing company offers their free estimate, make sure to ask specific questions about the job and have the proposal written in detail to avoid confusion. Roof estimates are the first step in contracting with a roofer, but not the only step Kernersville NC and Triad area residents should take to find a reputable company!

Tips to finding a trustworthy roof contractor

Roof estimates allow customers to collect a variety of proposals from reputable roofers, but it is also a good time to ask important questions and assess whether this is the reliable roofing company you want to have do the job at your Kernersville NC and Triad home. Good communication is essential when choosing a roofer, and should not be confined to one question – can you repair my roof? Does the roof contractor call you back in a timely fashion, listen to your needs, or return your e-mails? If the answer is no, then maybe you should go to the next contractor on your list. How comfortable do you feel with this person? Roofing companies are in your home for days, weeks, or sometimes months. It is important to feel comfortable with this person. Trustworthy roof contractors will offer client references, but make sure to check them. Always listen to that little voice inside your head, it is rarely wrong. Completion date of the project should always be included in your estimate. Roofing jobs with reputable roof companies are always done in a timely manner, with attention to detail to get the job right the first time. Written proposals should be detailed with exact materials, brand names, costs, and a payment schedule. A scribbled estimate on the back of a business card is never okay! Clients overlook details such as where the dumpster will go for debris; start and end time during the work day; smoking restrictions for technicians; and whether weekend work is included, but these are important details that can make your remodel pleasant or miserable. Down payments should never exceed one-third of the estimated cost of roof repair or remodel. A change in orders should always be written out separately and signed by the roofing company and homeowner. Roof estimates made with these tips in mind will help homeowners find a trustworthy roofing company for their needs!

NAHB certified roof contractors guarantee professional quality and standards

Roof estimates should be taken only from roofers certified by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). NAHB is the only professional organization in the remodeling industry committed to enforcing ethical and professional standards among members. Transient and unethical contractors abound, but those who are certified members of NAHB have had references checked and backgrounds investigated before being allowed to join. Roof contractors who are members of NAHB wish to better the industry, and sign a written code of ethics and pledge to professionalism. This pledge is taken very seriously at Triad Installations. Roof estimates made by members of NAHB guarantee clients a reputable roofing company!

Roof estimates are the first step in the roofing process and should always be free and guaranteed, but clients should also ask tough and probing questions when looking for trustworthy roofers. Can you repair my roof is not the most important question to ask! Not all roof contractors are created equal, but the most reliable will offer written proposals, an estimate of the job completion date, and most importantly, be certified members of the National Association of Home Builders. When searching for a roofing company in the Kernersville NC and Triad areas, call the reputable experts at Triad Installations, members of NAHB and guaranteed in writing!