Finding reliable roofing companies in the Triad area may seem daunting to some homeowners; after all, there are so many roofing contractors to choose from, how can you tell which one is the most reliable?

If you live in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, or its surrounding areas, you can find the most reliable roofing companies if you do a little detective work before making phone calls.

Friends and family are a great starting point for finding reliable roofing companies

Reliable roofing companies in Winston-Salem NCFinding reliable roofing companies in the Triad area of NC is easy when you start with friends and family. The best roofing contractors rely on word of mouth advertising to keep them busy, and friends and family are often happy to share their good fortune of finding trustworthy roofers if you just ask them.

Too often, homeowners wait until a storm comes through the High Point or Kernersville areas, blowing shingles to the ground and leaving holes in their roofs, before finding reliable roofing companies. Waiting until the last minute can leave you relying on some less than reputable roof installer to fix the biggest investment most of us make, our homes. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and you don’t want to get stuck hiring fly by night roof contractors because the most reliable roofers are already taken. Doing your homework before the big storm leaves your roof leaking means you have reputable roofing companies like Triad Installations on speed dial, ready to come out to your home and offer a free estimate.

I have recommendations, now what?

Recommendations are a great starting point for homeowners finding reliable roofing companies in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point and Kernersville, NC. After you get those roofer recommendations from friends and family, ask for references from roof installers, and then call at least three of the recommendations. Some questions to ask recommenders about potential residential roofing companies you may hire to do your next roofing job include, did they make promises they weren’t able to keep? Did your roofer treat your home and the surrounding property with respect and care? Was debris kept tidy, and then hauled away after the job was finished? What about hidden costs or delays? These questions may seem simple, but they can make the difference between a dissatisfied homeowner, and a homeowner left with a bad taste in his mouth, no matter what his roof looks like after the job is complete.

When you are satisfied with the recommendations and decide on a final group of roofing companies to choose from, don’t be afraid to ask them the hard questions; finding reliable roofing companies for your next roofing job involves asking tough questions, and making sure you get satisfactory answers. Some questions homeowners should always ask roofing contractors before signing on the dotted line include are you licensed; do you carry liability insurance; do you carry workers’ compensation insurance; do you provide me with a written lien waiver; will you pull all the required building permits; do you guarantee your work; who is in charge of the job; what percentage of your business is repeat or referral; and how many projects like mine have you completed in the last year? These questions are critical before hiring roofing contractors, and are sure to help in your quest of finding reliable roofing companies in the Triad area.

Finding reliable roofing contractors during an emergency is difficult, if not impossible; homeowners who plan ahead for disaster and have reliable roofing contractors on speed dial will not be left hiring less than reputable roofers to help repair or replace a damaged roof. Ask friends and family for their recommendations and then ask residential roofing companies for references before hiring them to repair the roof of your biggest financial investment. Don’t forget to call those references, by the way! Triad Installations, Winston-Salem area roofing contractor, has some valuable tips for finding reliable roofing companies in the Triad area. Check it out, and give them a call if you need help answering your roofing or home improvement questions.