Roof estimates Winston-Salem and Triad areaRoof estimates are sometimes a headache for homeowners to ask for, but a necessary part of replacing or repairing a roof. After all, repairing a roof or installing a new roof is not an inexpensive venture, and homeowners want to be sure they know what they are getting for the money they are charged. Having a roofer look at your roof and throw around numbers is one way to go about hiring reliable roof contractors, but it sure won’t keep you from being swindled out of hard-earned money. In fact, when you call roofing companies and say repair my roof, or replace my damaged roof, and they offer estimates, homeowners should make sure to know what should be included in the estimate to ensure they aren’t being taken advantage of, and they get the roof they deserve.

Roof estimates should always be written down

Roof estimates are an important part of finding trustworthy roof installers, but only the best roofers will offer written roof estimates. When fly-by-night roofers come to your door and say they will repair your roof or install a new roof for some amount of money, without offering a written estimate, you should shut the door firmly and not look back. Reputable roofing companies such as Triad Installations in the Winston-Salem area don’t come knocking on your door; they wait for you to call them in their professional offices and ask them to come over at an appointed time, and offer roof estimates in writing. And, when you say, repair my roof or replace my damaged roof, they will come out and honor their roof estimates.

What is included in written roof estimates?

Trustworthy roofing companies include every detail of the roof installation or repair in their written roof estimates. If you call any of the roofers in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, NC and the Triad area, you should expect them to include a written schedule and proposal for the job; an estimation of materials and how much they cost; cost of cleanup and hauling of debris; and finally, a written workmanship and material guarantee. Written roof estimates are not something homeowners should take for granted; roof estimates that are written down prevent homeowners being swindled by hidden costs. With Triad Installations on the roofing job, written roof estimates guarantee homeowners no surprises when they say, replace my damaged roof!

Roof estimates are essential, but also find out what to expect regarding clean up and debris removal

When you call Triad Installations and ask them, replace my roof, they will first offer written roof estimates. Roof estimates help homeowners know what their options are regarding a new roof or roof repair, but sometimes they forget to ask about clean up and debris removal after the job is completed. This is not good. Reputable roofers will always tell you exactly when and how they will remove debris from the roof installation or repair. When homeowners don’t ask about this essential part of the roofing job, they risk having debris scattered about their yards until the roofer feels like removing it. Reputable roofers take care of every single detail of roof repair or replacement, from start to finish. This means pulling proper permits and cleaning up the work site (your home) when they are finished. When you ask for roof estimates, make sure you understand how the debris will be removed at the end of the job.

Roof estimates are absolutely essential for homeowners to ensure they get exactly what they pay for when they tell reputable roofers and say, replace my roof! If you need a roof repair by a trustworthy roofing contractor call up Triad Installations, Winston-Salem roofing company, and say, repair my roof! Winston-Salem’s reliable roofer will be out in a flash to offer written roof estimates and tell you exactly what to expect from start to finish.