When you drive by your neighbor’s brand new metal roof, do you keep asking, is a metal roof the right choice for me? Maybe you’re already trying to envision what your home would look like with a new metal roof, and you’re wondering what your options are. Roof envy isn’t going to help you get a new roof, but calling Triad Installations in Greensboro NC will!

Will a metal roof be comfortable in the summer?
Metal roofs Winston-Salem NCA metal roof is going to act as a reflector of heat, and won’t turn your home into an oven. You might even be surprised to learn that a metal roof will even help keep your home warm in the winter. Keeping your home working efficiently is the goal for all homeowners; don’t let your roofing material hold you back!

Metal roofs are becoming more common as more people are interested in buying quality, long-lasting materials for their home improvement projects. Metal roofs usually cost a little bit more than other traditional roofing materials, but almost always outlast the others by decades. You’ll be shocked at how durable your metal roof is, and you won’t be second-guessing your choice! Having a roof that will last you throughout the life of your home is somewhat unheard of, but know you are making a wise investment when you choose a metal roof.

Sure, you are also interested in making your home look beautiful; metal roofing comes in several different styles that will be sure to go with your aesthetic preferences. Long lasting, durable, and weather resistant, you can be certain that the answer to your question: is a metal roof the right choice for me, is a resounding yes!

What about the weather?
If you are imagining your metal roof being dented by hail and storm debris, rest assured that your metal roofing is built to last through decades of spring storms! When storms blow through your neighborhood, you can be confident that you and your family are safely tucked inside, far away from the elements pounding away at the roof of your Triad area home.

What are my options?
Maybe you are still wondering, is a metal roof the right choice for me? You should know that metal roofing companies give you options. Triad Installations in the Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, NC and Triad area offers two types of metal roofs. The first is attached with exposed fasteners, which involves metal pieces that are screwed securely on your roof. The second type is attached with hidden fasteners. Metal roofs that are attached with hidden fasteners mean nicer cosmetics and provide a more stable attachment on your roof. Your trusted roofing company can help you weigh the pros and cons for each type of metal roof according to the specific needs of your home and your budget.

Are you still asking: is a metal roof the right choice for me? If you are interested in finding out if a metal roof is the right choice for you, call Triad Installations, Winston-Salem area roofing company.