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Choosing the best replacement windows for my home was a recent home improvement that had me fit to be tied. Many times windows are replaced for cosmetic reasons. However, my older windows caused a lot of problems, including losing heat in the winter, letting out cool air in the summer, and leaking water into my home.

If you are like me, you may have no idea how to go about choosing replacement windows. I mean, how do you know what windows are energy efficient windows, and which are not? I used these tips from a friend to make choosing the best replacement windows for my home super easy.

If you are looking to replace windows on your home, there are many things to consider. It’s important to consider the materials that you want to use. Here are a few of the materials available:

  • Vinyl windows: Vinyl replacement windows are the least expensive and the most common option for residential replacement windows.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum windows have clean lines and are a great option for modern homes. Because they are recyclable they are also more eco-friendly than other options.
  • Wood: Wood replacement windows require more maintenance than some of the other options; wood windows offer a traditional aesthetic that pleases many people. When wood windows are properly maintained, they are long lasting.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass replacement windows are newer to the market than some of the other options. Many homeowners appreciate that fiberglass is strong and low maintenance.

Look for replacement windows with a warranty

When making a major home investment, like replacement windows, it is important to look into the available warrantees. Many of the larger manufacturers are more likely to offer better warrantees. A standard warranty on windows is 10 years. Be sure to have an authorized installer install your replacement windows. In Greensboro, NC, choose Triad Installations to make sure your warrantee is not voided by incorrect installation. They are replacement window experts, and have years of experience.

Vinyl tilt windows are a cost-effective option

If you are considering replacement windows, the experts at Triad Installations recommend using quality vinyl windows. Vinyl tilt replacement windows have a strong frame and are energy efficient windows, saving homeowners significant amounts of money on heating and cooling bills each month. These replacement windows can also reduce outside noise. As an added bonus, vinyl windows also offer significant warranties.

Don’t fall for the bait and switch technique

If you are looking to purchase replacement windows for your home, be sure not to fall for a bait and switch technique. Choose an experienced window installer, like Triad Installations in Greensboro, NC, to be sure that you are given a fair price. Other companies will offer a very low price, but then charge for various add-ons and the project ends up costing much more in the long run. A trustworthy company will give you an accurate quote right up front.

Choose DIY or professional installation?

It is true that installing windows is not rocket science; but there are many reasons to consider having a professional install the windows. A professional will be able to quickly install the windows, as well as spot any structural problems. They may also be able to point out any maintenance issues that need to be cared for—this can provide significant cost savings in the long run.

Are you like me a year ago, looking for help choosing the best replacement windows for my home? Choosing the best replacement windows for my home was a big decision, but Triad Installations made it easy, and with their expert installation my warranty remained intact!