• roofing tipsChoosing a Greensboro, NC roofing company can be a challenge. A new roof is a big investment and it can be overwhelming to pick a roofing contractor out of the residential roofing companies available. If you are looking to hire a roofing company for an upcoming project sometimes the process can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are some great roofing contractors out there waiting for projects like yours, including Triad Installations, one of the most reliable roofing contractors in the Greensboro, NC, and Winston-Salem, NC area.

Follow these tips for hiring a roofing contractor and whether you are building a new house, or replacing your existing roof, you will find a great contractor for your next roofing project.

Request bids, ask the right questions

If you are looking to have a project done around the house, the best place to start is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Then, ask these roofing contractors for bids. After you have a list of potential roofing contractors, it is important to narrow down the list to potential contractors. Then, be sure to ask the right questions:

  • Do they typically take on roofing projects like this?
  • Can they supply financial references?
  • Can the roofing company provide you with a list of past or current clients?
  • How many projects will they have going on at the same time as yours?

Questions like those above will help you determine the company’s availability and reliability. Also, you should be able to determine how much time they can devote to your roofing project in Greensboro, NC. Unfortunately, if the roofing contractor is extremely busy, you may feel neglected. Triad Installations always puts their customers first, and will answer your calls promptly, and be on site when promised.

Call references to find out information on the roofing contractor

After you have found roofing contractors in Greensboro, NC that seem like they will fit your needs, you will want to check their references. Be sure to check both financial references (like banks) and past clients.  It’s good to make some phone calls. Ask former clients how the projects went. It is also a good idea to ask to see finished roofing projects. Feel free to ask additional questions, like:

  • Was the job site kept neat and safe?
  • Were the workers careful with the their property?

Be sure to check with your states consumer protection agency. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau in Greensboro, NC, to make sure that there is not any history of disputes with the roofing contractor.

Cost isn’t the most important factor in hiring a roofing company

When picking a roofing company it can be difficult when you are dealing with a budget. However, in the long run you will be happier hiring a roofing contractor in Greensboro, NC that will be a good fit, rather than making a decision on price alone.

Choosing a Greensboro roofing company can be a bit overwhelming. Triad Installations has a reputation for being one of the most reputable Greensboro roofing companies, and they also serve the Winston-Salem, NC area. Call them today and find out why so many customers turn to this reliable roofer when choosing a Greensboro roofing company!