If you are in the market for a new roof, choosing a Greensboro roofing company can be difficult. Since most homeowners go over a decade before needing to replace the roof on their homes, it’s often difficult to know where to start when looking for a roofing contractor when you need a new roof. However, no matter where you live, there are quality contractors, like Triad Installations, that will give you a fair price for your roofing project, and do excellent work.

Ask the right questions when you request bids for your roofing projectTriad Installations, reputable roofing company in Greensboro and Kernersville NC

Anytime you need to have a construction project done around the house, it is a good idea to get recommendations from your family and friends. Often, they will have advice on which local contractors offer quality work at fair prices. After you have a list of residential roofing companies, contact each to ask some preliminary questions, such as:

Are these types of projects typical for their business?

  • Are they able to provide references? What about financial references?
  • Can they supply you with a list of clients (both past and present)?
  • Will the have other projects going on simultaneously? How many?

These initial questions will help you decide whether this residential roofing company is a good fit. You will have a good idea of whether or not they will be able to fit you into their schedule at a time that works best for you. If a contractor has too many other projects going on at the same time, you may feel like your project does not get as much attention as it should. You do not want anything falling between the cracks. Once you narrow down your list, you can contact potential roofing contractors for official bids on your project. Triad Installations reminds clients that all estimates should be given in writing and free of charge.

Residential roofing companies should provide references

After you receive bids from a few contractors in Greensboro, NC, it is important to contact the references they provided. By checking their financial references, as well as talking to past clients, you will get a good idea of which roofing companies will work for your project. Find out how the former clients felt about the work done. When talking to the past clients, you can ask questions like:

Did the contractor keep the work site clean?

  • Were the contractor’s employees careful around the property?

Use cost as just one factor in picking your roofing company

While cost is definitely an important factor in picking a company to handle your roofing project, it should not be the only factor. While it can be difficult to pick a contractor that is charging more if you are on a budget, a roof is a major part of your home and should be done by a professional with experience. Be sure that the contractor will be a good fit for you, rather than looking at price alone.

Hiring a Greensboro roofing company is difficult. There are many factors to consider. But, when choosing a Greensboro roofing company make sure one of the roofers on your list is Triad Installations, known as one of Greensboro’s reliable and reputable roofers!