repair my old windows

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When I called Greensboro’s reputable roofers at Triad Installations to repair my old windows, my days and nights became much more comfortable, and my energy bills less expensive. If you find yourself moving away from drafty windows in the winter or too-sunny windows in the summer, cost efficient windows may be the solution.

Energy efficient windows, especially those with Energy Star product approval, can reduce heating and cooling costs in the Greensboro area by up to 15% each year.  With heating and cooling expenses accounting for approximately half of your annual energy bill, it makes sense to replace windows as old as the hills with cost efficient windows.

Why did I repair my old windows?

If you are not satisfied that saving money is a good enough reason to install energy efficient windows in your home, you might consider the smaller energy footprint a house with replacement windows creates. You are not just saving money, you are reducing greenhouse gas emissions required to heat or cool your home.

When Triad Installations told me I should repair my old windows, they told me how guaranteed replacement windows fit perfectly with the architectural design of most homes, and are available in bay, bow, casement, single hung, and double hung styles. With new cost efficient windows, your home will not only look better, and have more value on the housing market, but you will notice immediately how much quieter it is. Energy efficient windows are of high quality workmanship with very good warranty agreements.

I reaped lots of benefits when I chose to repair my old windows

Replacement windows can satisfy a wide variety of homeowner interests. For the homeowner interested in windows that give his house a higher market value, replacement windows that look good and help keep down costs are the perfect installation. For the owner of a house built before 1978, replacement windows can take care of concerns over old and peeling lead-base painted windows. For the homeowner who is a proud card-carrying tree hugger, energy efficient windows can help the environment. For the homeowner who simply needs new windows and wants the best value for his replacement windows dollar, cost efficient windows are the answer.

How did I find a reputable roofer to repair my old windows?

Trustworthy window installers in Greensboro, NC area are members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Central Carolina Better Business Bureau (BBB), and are certified and licensed by the various authorizing organizations for installation of particular brands and products. In your search for your windows installer to repair your old windows, visit the websites for NAHB and Central Carolina BBB to view a list of installers local to your community.

Triad Installations was my first choice to repair my old windows in my Greensboro, NC home, and has received high ratings from its professional membership affiliations, and stands ready to help you with your window needs!