ideal roofer

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Residential roofing contractors help homeowners through the process of repairing or replacing damaged roofs every day. As confident as you may be doing routine repairs around your house, when it comes to the all important goal of keeping a roof over your head, you seek out the professionals. You know a poorly executed roof repair can leave you vulnerable to all sorts of problems later on, any of which could be a larger problem than the initial repair. You know you really do not want to be climbing around on your roof. You know residential roofing contractors in your vicinity are well-informed about local zoning and building permission requirements. So, you begin your search for a reputable roofer in Greensboro, NC.

Where do I start?

Residential roofing contractors are listed all over: in the yellow pages, with the Better Business Bureau, with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and online. These days it is a simple thing to check websites of prospective roofing contractors, making it easier to come up with a short list of potential roofing companies. Go to your local building supply store and ask around. Look at bulletin boards in your local coffee shop. Check your local neighborhood streets, and make note of roofing contractor signs posted outside ongoing roofing projects.

What do I look for?

One of the first things to consider when choosing residential roofing contractors is whether they are likely to still be in business five or six years down the road. That is when problems most commonly crop up. Listen to what your instincts, and have faith in your own good judgment. Once you have your short list of residential roofing contractors in Greensboro, NC, ask for and carefully consider the referrals each gives you. Check every single referral by telephone or with a drive by. Do not take short-cuts. This is the roof over your head and needs careful and experienced attention.

Ask for proof of insurances: liability for damage to you or your home, or to a third party, and workers compensation insurance. Ask to see a listing of memberships to professional associations, and training certifications each contractor holds. Ask to see local and state permits and licenses. Most important of all, ask for a written estimate.  With a written estimate you can better compare not only total price, but materials and services included by each bidder, because price should not be your only (or your most important) consideration.

Whether you are looking to repair your damaged roof or to replace your roof, residential roofing contractors are the businessmen for you. One such experienced and reputable residential roofing contractor is Triad Installations in Greensboro, NC who have been doing business for over a quarter century.  Put this residential roofing contractor on your list of contacts and have them come out and offer a free estimate on your next residential roofing project!