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A metal roof can offer homeowners many advantages over other roofing materials, and can outlast traditional shingles by decades. Metal roofs offer an element of beauty to a home’s style and architecture. You can be sure that your reliable metal roofing company will help select the style of metal roof that will fit your needs and style preferences. Residents of the Greensboro, NC have one of the most reliable metal roofing companies in the Triad area, Triad Installations, to help them make these important decisions and guide them to an answer to their question, is a metal roof right for me?

While it’s true that a metal roof can look great, did you know that they are also extremely durable? A metal roof can withstand extreme weather, including high winds and hailstorms. A durable roof makes for a good investment, and having a reliable metal roofing company on your side makes all the difference. Triad Installations offers residents of Greensboro, NC personalized and reliable roofing expertise so you can be sure that a metal roof is right for you!

Which type of metal roof is right for me?

With all of the options you have when choosing a metal roof, Triad Installations can help make sure you are making the best decision for your home. Homeowners need to know that their roofing company will guarantee that their home will come out of a project looking its best! Winston-Salem residents can rely on their local metal roofing company to assist in making roofing decisions.

Triad Installations offers two types of metal roofs: Attached with exposed fasteners, which involves metal pieces that are screwed securely on your roof, and another type, attached with hidden fasteners. Metal roofs that are attached with hidden fasteners means better cosmetics and provide a more stable attachment on your roof. Your trusted roofing company can help you weigh the pros and cons for each type of metal roof according for the specific needs of your home.

But I’m on a budget! Is a metal roof right for me?

A metal roof is a premium product, so you may end up spending slightly more than you would on a conventional roof. But over time, this can actually help homeowners on a budget. An overall better investment means that your money is being used wisely and efficiently; your beautiful metal roof will last a lifetime! Metal roofs are resilient; they stand up to inclement weather and severe hail storms. In fact, metal roofs were deemed to have the highest impact resistance granted by insurance commissions in the United States regions prone to hail.

The Greensboro community knows that hail is inevitable, and avoiding unnecessary roof repairs makes everyone’s life easier. Why not call your trusted metal roofing company today at Triad Installations, and ask, is a metal roof right for me?