best roofer

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When choosing a Greensboro, NC roofing company you want the best.  Do you really know how to tell what makes a roofing company the best? There are many things that should be considered when you start looking for someone to handle your roofing needs.

What type of reputation do they have?

This may seem like a simple thing, but you want to work only with residential roofing companies that have a good reputation.  You can check how reputable a roofing company is by contacting your local Better Business Bureau or the Chamber of Commerce to see how they rate and if they have had any complaints filed against them.

It is also a good idea to ask roofing experts for references or check out their website and see what kind of feedback they have.  Some caution needs to be taken in this area; you want to make sure reviewers are people who have actually done business with the company.

When choosing a Greensboro, NC roofing company like Triad Installations, you are choosing a roofer that is reliable and will be there when they say they will and do the job that you agreed upon. It could become a big problem if the company says they will be there to fix the leak in your roof and they don’t show up for a week and it is raining.

What different kinds of projects do they do?

It is a good idea to find a Greensboro, NC roofing company that knows how to do many different types of roofing projects.  They should have a broad knowledge of roof repairs, re-roofs, as well as initial roofing installation.

There are also many different styles of roofs.  There are flat roofs which require expertise in heating the tar and gravelling the roof correctly to prevent fires. Pitched roofs have their own methods of roofing.  There are roofs that have many hips and valleys and they will need to use different techniques than flat roofs.

Make sure when choosing a Greensboro roofing that they know how to work with the many different types of roofing that are available on the market.  The roofers that work for Triad Installations have experience working with metal roofing, asphalt shingles, tile roofing and many other materials as well. One of the most popular roofing materials right now is a fiberglass shingle that is 25% thicker than asphalt shingles and gives you the beautiful look of wood shake shingles.

Choosing a Greensboro roofing company is easy when you know what to look for in a reliable roofer. Triad Installation is located in the Winston-Salem, NC, and Greensboro area, and as one of the area’s most reputable roofers, should be on your list when choosing a Greensboro roofing company.