Residential roofing companies Winston-Salem NCChoosing a Greensboro roofing company after the storm was a complete turn of the tables for me. Most people would think that because I am in the insurance industry, I have inside information on finding the best roofer. The truth is that I was more educated on what could happen if you hired the wrong contractor.

Choosing the right roofer for the project

The roofs on my house and outbuildings consist of asphalt shingles, and repairing them is a big job. I knew we needed a contractor with the experience and the ability to take on such a big project, and handle whatever problems might arise. The success or failure of this project would ride with the choice of roofing contractor. The first thing I did in choosing a Greensboro roofing company was call around to other neighbors to find out if they had any contractors that they could refer. I figured there had to be someone in the area that had experience with our kind of project. I even called friends in Winston-Salem, NC, to see if they had experience with reliable roofers. One of the names that kept popping up was Triad Installations.

I soon came up with a list of six contractors, and three of them had been referred more than once.  I called the Better Business Bureau to see if any of these roofers had complaints filed.  That narrowed my list to three.

I arranged for meetings with my top three choices, among them Triad Installations, so I could get an idea of whom I would be working with. I wanted to see if they were enthusiastic and professional. It was important for me to know if they saw this project as a great opportunity, or was it just another job.  Of course, I asked all the relevant questions about licensing and their ability to provide proof of insurance, and not only accident insurance. I also asked about workers compensation and wanted to know their safety record and what would they do to ensure the safety of their workers. I requested that they submit a list of references for shingle jobs similar to ours. Triad Installations was happy to provide references, and happily answered all of my questions.

The best Greensboro roofing company

After my search, I was quite confident that there were some excellent Greensboro roofing companies, and that I had found the best. Triad Installations is a fully licensed roofing company that serves this area as well as Winston-Salem.  The company has many years of experience in all manner of roofing projects, and they were perfect for the replacement of our shingle roofs. They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. Look on their website more information or call their office for a free estimate. Once you meet them, you will know you have chosen the best Greensboro roofing company for your next roofing job.