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Replace and repair my old windows

My home was built in the 1940s and I had decided that this summer I would repair my old windows. After doing

some research, I discovered that this was the second set of windows for my home. It seems that these windows were installed sometime in the 70s. The windows are double paned, but they get tremendously hot in the summer and unbelievably cold in the winter. I think it is our human nature to want to save or repair most items. However, after assessing the situation, it became apparent that my only option was to replace the windows with energy efficient windows.  So I would need to determine the best windows and find a reliable and experienced contractor in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem NC area.Choosing the right replacement windows

I knew that I was looking for windows that were an attractive, aesthetic addition to my home; however, it was important to me that they also are energy-efficient. I wanted my windows to be able to stand the wear and tear of a few decades, perhaps with a lifetime warrantee. I also wanted the window manufacturer to recommend a certified installer.  This way, if something went wrong with the workmanship or the installation, I would not be stuck with broken windows while the contractor and the manufacturer try to point fingers at one another.

I have a number of Double Hung, Sliders on the second floor, and I wanted to replace them with practical horizontal windows that have take-out sashes for easy cleaning. I like the idea of vinyl windows because they will never rust, rot, or fall victim to insect or termite infestation. I am on a budget, so I wanted affordable windows, and that does not mean the cheapest windows, so I was willing to pay extra for Low-E glass. I decided on ViewPoint vinyl windows. The ViewPoint certified installer in the Greensboro, High Point area is Triad Installations, a local, trustworthy installer who has been installing windows in the Triad region for over 20 years.

A special offer from your Winston Salem contractor

The selection of Triad Installations and ViewPoint windows turns out to be a winning combination. Triad Installations is currently running a special on replacement of my old windows. When you purchase five or more windows, you get free Low E coating and Argon gas. These were two extras that I was willing to pay for, and now I can get them free. These windows on the special are even better than the ones I originally selected. The windows feature a 7/8” insulated glass panel that gives the window a noise reduction capability in addition to its insulating properties.  These windows have a special frame design that keeps heat and cold from traveling through the window because it insulates the frame as well as the glass. This design also makes the window resistant to condensation.  The windows are at the same time, elegant and functional, and should last decades.

Triad Installations

Not only do I get a superior deal with the windows, I get a superior contractor with Triad Installations. Triad offers a 5-year warrantee on their workmanship. This warrantee includes no charge for labor and materials. In addition to that, they will come back and inspect the work, on the anniversary of the installation for 3 years.

Triad Installation has been doing business in Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem since 1984. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and remarkably, they come highly recommended by both customers and manufacturers. Visit their website for even more information, or call them for a free estimate. Next summer, I will not need to repair my old windows for sure.