Roofing companies

Finding Greensboro, and triad area reputable roofing company

I consider myself pretty handy around the house and I can fix most problems, but when it comes to the wiring and the roof, I leave that to the electricians and the roofing companies. If I depend on a professional roofing company, I expect nothing less than high quality workmanship and high quality materials. I will only hire licensed and insured roof installers.

Roof repairs can be simple and straightforward or they can be complicated, time consuming, and expensive. When you are interviewing contractors, make a note of how well they communicate and get their point across; this is important, because during the bid process the scope of work should be spelled out completely. I can only imagine the frustration that a homeowner would feel when after the job starts; the contractor tells the customer that there is a problem that will require more materials or a more expensive material. This is why it is important to choose a contractor who is experienced because the experienced contractor will look at your leaking roof and can determine whether it requires replacement of a few shingles or if the leak is the result of an aging roof, or perhaps it is a design failure on a custom home.

Roofing companies must be reputable and trustworthy. A good roofing contractor understands that the homeowner is depending on the contractor’s expertise and that the contractor should be willing to stand behind his workmanship.  Most reputable contractors will offer a five year workmanship warranty. Additionally, a good contractor understands that regular inspections avoid major problems in the future, saving both the roofer and the homeowner time and money. You should expect that the contractor will also utilize high quality materials from manufacturers that stand behind their products. Technology is constantly introducing new materials to the marketplace; it is the roofing contractor’s job to make this information available to the homeowner, giving them the best chance for a long lasting roof.

Finding a reputable and honest roofing company is going to help you get through the insurance claim process easier. For example, say your home was hit by a significant storm and you are not sure if you should file a claim. Call your trusted roofing company to come out and inspect your roof. They will tell you if you need to file a claim, the best contractors will document their visit for you to file with your claim. They can arrange to be present when the agent of the adjuster shows up at the home.

A trustworthy roof company in the Triad Region

Hopefully you understand the importance and the implications of finding the right roofing contractor. You will increase the value of the work you have performed as well as save yourself needless headaches and save money. If you live in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem and surrounding areas, Triad Installations has been installing new roofs and repairing roofs for over twenty years.  They offer the highest quality products to give you the best roof for your home.  Triad Installations is a locally owned company who is highly regarded by the Better Business Bureau and twenty years of satisfied customers. Call Triad Installation today and ask about their special discounts. You will find out that they are one of the best roofing companies in the Triad Region.