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Remembering a visit to register my daughter for school helped me decide to replace my old windows. My daughter attended the same middle school that I did. I remember the first time that we walked through on registration day. I gave her the grand tour, showing her my old classrooms, the band room, and basketball gym where I spent so much time. I could not help but recognize that everything was in the same location, but all the materials of the building had changed. Brick walls were plastered and painted, old linoleum floors were carpeted, new lighting fixtures, drinking, fountains, doors and windows. The school had been totally remodeled and refurbished.

The old boiler had been yanked out and the iron radiators were replaced with a modern heating system that ran through the floors of the buildings. The building that was built at the turn of the 20th century was still there, but it was more efficient. At first I felt a little poignant that they did not preserve the school’s original look, but the reality is that the technology that we tolerated back in my day is inferior to that which the kids will enjoy these days. The building should be wired for computers, it should be heated efficiently, and the plumbing system should conserve water. The building should be free of asbestos. In other words, it should be safer and better than it ever was.

I realize that as time has gone by, we have made changes to our home that upgrades and improves our home over its original condition. The windows have become unsightly at best. On the interior the discoloration and buildup from moisture and condensation means keeping the curtains closed and the blinds down, even on the sunniest days. We try not to open windows until the good weather has come because opening and closing windows is a rigorous exercise that can take 2-5 minutes per window. Virtually every window leaked air; you could literally stand next to a window and feel a steady stream flowing out the cracks. Every spring, more paint fell off on the outside, and more varnish peeled on the inside.

Energy efficient windows in Greensboro, NC

Just as technology and materials have changed for the school buildings, the technology for new vinyl windows is light years ahead of our old dilapidated windows. Modern windows of today are computer designed. The frames are of sturdy construction without seams because they are fused together. If you purchase quality windows, you will find out that they offer high performance, worry free maintenance, as well as super energy efficiency. High quality vinyl replacement windows are available in a wide variety of types and styles that will improve the appearance of your home.

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