Choosing a Greensboro roofing companyPicking the best team for replacing your Greensboro roof

Choosing a Greensboro roofing company is not as difficult as you might imagine. If you can remember when we were youngsters on the playfield; two, three or four captains, depending on how many players were available; stood in front of all the players and chose their teams. Each captain would pick the best player available until the dreaded last person was picked. It was important to pick the best team possible because the winning team got to take the field or court, and stay on as long as they kept winning. The captains were usually older, or they were the most skilled players, and they made their choices based on who was best at playing the game. After a while, everyone knew who would be chosen first because everyone knew who the best players were. Choosing a roofing company needs to be a little more sophisticated, but basically the same principles apply. There are a lot of skilled roofing companies in Greensboro. The trick is to find the ones who are known to have the best skills and who can be depended upon. Most of the members of your community know who they are; all you have to do is find out the best collective opinion, and you will have a winner on your team.

Rating the best roofing companies

There are two arenas in which roofing companies are scrutinized; the one is by rating agencies, such as the Better Business Bureau, and material suppliers. The other arena is in the community, in other words, all those customers who have had experience with the company. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource as this lets you know if, and how many complaints a company has against its work. It will also let you know how the company resolves complaints. The company receives a letter grade from the Bureau that encompasses its overall performance.

Look for certified installers

Another professional source of reference is the materials suppliers in the industry. Many people fail to pay close enough attention here. In an industry such as roofing, there are manufacturers who offer long term, and even lifetime warrantees for their products. In order to comfortably offer these product warrantees, they have to be assured that the products are installed properly by competent professionals. Thus, they certify installers that they themselves have proven to be trustworthy and reputable. It would behoove you to look for installers who are certified by leading manufacturers.

Trust the community

Roofing materials are built to last a long time. Your roof is designed to last for decades with proper maintenance. This means that such durability is expensive technology. Roofing repair and installation can cost thousands of dollars, and human nature is such that when people spend thousands and are pleased with the work, they are more than happy to share the experience. The flip side of the coin is that people who are highly upset will talk of their displeasure also. When screening for contractors, ask them for recent references for work that is similar to yours. If they are making their customers happy, they will have plenty of testimonials and reference letters.

Your first choice in the Triad region

If you live in Greensboro, High Point, or Winston-Salem or the surrounding areas, you have a star player that has been repairing and installing roofs for over twenty years. During that time, Triad Installations has worked very hard to build a solid reputation in the community, with the Better Business Bureau, and with all their customers. Call them today for a free estimate.  They understand that your roofing company should have the reputation that will have you choosing them as your Greensboro roofing company for years to come.