custom decks

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Adding value and comfort

Adding decks and porches is the best way to add value to you home while creating a more comfortable home for you and your family. Just imagine, lazy afternoons in the summertime when you have invited friends and family over for a cookout; you can entertain all day and late into the evening, all in the back yard. Your beautiful new deck can enrich your lifestyle and serve as a valuable asset if you should ever decide to sell your home.

Keep in mind that your deck should be well planned and well built. This is no place or time for amateur projects if you truly want to add value to your home. Additionally, if a deck is not well built, it can become a maintenance nightmare. It is best to bring in a professional who can help you with site selection, incorporating the features you want, and budget considerations.

Build something comparable

Good economic sense dictates that in order to get the best return on your investment, your deck needs to be right for your market. Check with real estate agents or contractors in your area. Do not build a deck that is way more extravagant than others in your neighborhood, because if you build an 800 sq. ft. deck when all the others in the area are 400 sq. ft., then your deck will only add the comparable value of the smaller decks in your market. You certainly do not want to make your deck smaller than what is expected in the market. Make sure that you pick a reputable contractor that understands local building codes. If your deck is not built to code, if you decide to sell your home, you do not want to have to rebuild it to code in order to sell the house.

Some homeowners are concerned that taking out a building permit will raise your tax assessment, but the value of your property is increased very minimally. The beauty of decks is that although decks will add to the enjoyable living space of your home, decks are considered to be an outdoor improvement like repaving the driveway or upgrading the landscaping, they are not assessed as additional living space.

Looks are important

It is difficult to place a dollar value on aesthetics, but looks are very important. Your added deck will have to meld with the architecture of your home in a way that is natural. Deck railings will help you to tie in the trim colors and detail that complements your home. Attention should be paid to how the deck fits in with your backyard. If it is not properly built your deck could look like the lid of an aircraft carrier. It should make a natural transition from the house to the surrounding landscape.

Custom decks in the Triad area

The addition of a deck or porch is an important project that demands the expertise of professional contractors. This will make your project enjoyable and stress free. If you reside in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem or the surrounding areas, you can depend on Triad installations to help you with the planning and building of your deck. Triad has been installing decks and siding in the region for over 30 years and they understand the market. They are dependable, with a reputation for having satisfied countless customers. Call them today and discover how new decks can change your landscape and the value of your home.