Vinyl siding

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

The most obvious and important benefit that you will experience from upgrading your home with vinyl siding is its durability and strength in the face of varied weather conditions. One of the most destructive forces on traditional clap board or wooden siding is the swing in temperature, freeze/thaw cycles and exposure to sun and wind. This is what causes paint to peel crack and blister; wood siding and window sills become swollen and crack from the effects of wind driven rain. If you were to take a walk around a home that has wooden siding or painted cement siding, you will find deterioration and degradation that is related to exposure to the elements, this will never become an issue if your home was protected with vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding is also easier on your wallet. Many homeowners hold the perception that brick and mortar and wood are the “real thing” because vinyl is manufactured. The automotive industry learned a long time ago that vinyl and composite resins are far superior to organic materials on anything that is exposed to the weather. Most of this generation is too young to remember that side panels and parts of the exterior on automobiles were at one time, trimmed with wood trim and paneling. These cars had a unique and beautiful look… for about two to three years, then they became a maintenance nightmare as the weather and elements deteriorated the trim so badly that some of it needed to be replaced altogether. In addition to all this, it just makes good sense to those who are concerned about the environment, to conserve the use of wood and lumber by replacing it with a durable product that will last for decades.

Low maintenance over the long hall

Because it requires less labor and less money to maintain, vinyl siding is ideal for older residents who wish to update the look of their home without the hassle and expense of repainting and repairing every 10 years. Vinyl siding is extremely versatile in terms of what it can mimic. You will be amazed at the many color shades and textures that can be chosen. The best installers know how to match samples based on your personal taste and the size of your budget. One thing that is undeniable is that vinyl siding will be much more cost efficient than wood, brick, and stone. This is why so many consumers are now converting over to vinyl siding as a means to upgrade and maintain their homes.

Vinyl siding in Greensboro, NC

You can beautify your home and put an end to the routine of scraping and painting with the installation of quality vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is attractive, durable, low maintenance and weather proofs your home. When it comes to the sales and installation of quality vinyl siding, consider Triad Installations of Greensboro, NC. They have been installing vinyl siding throughout the region as far as High Point and Winston-Salem for almost 30 years. Their reputation as a trustworthy dealer and installer is well documented. They enjoy high ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Call their office today and schedule a free consultation and estimate for vinyl siding.