Energy efficiency and replacement windows

It does not matter whether you are seeking sliding windows, double hung windows, or custom-sized or shaped windows; the important thing is to find energy efficient windows. Energy efficiency is used as a catch all phrase to denote products that are manufactured to conserve energy. This could mean a refrigerator that uses less electricity, or a product like windows that is designed to keep interior temperatures stable, creating a situation where less energy is used to heat or cool the building.

Energy efficient windows are a “win-win” situation because there is really no compromise. When the automotive industry first introduced economy cars, anyone who bought these cars had to sacrifice performance and, in some cases, even safety. Yet, energy efficient windows are an improvement in every way.

The value of replacement windows

There are considerable benefits to replacing sliding windows, double hung windows, or custom-sized windows with cost efficient and energy efficient windows. The first benefit is that you save money. According to ENERGY STAR®, homeowners can save anywhere between $126 and $465 annually if single-pane windows are replaced with Energy Star certified replacement windows. Additionally, homeowners will save $27 to $111 if they upgrade from double-pane clear-glass windows. For homes that are critically inefficient because of leaking windows and doors, energy efficient windows can save as much as 40% on heating and cooling costs. Finding well-constructed windows that last a long time add to the value of replacement windows, making them even more cost effective.

The environmental impact of energy efficient windows is just as important because of the tremendous number of older windows that end up in landfills. Vinyl windows are becoming the most popular energy-efficient choice for replacement windows. Vinyl windows now account for 67% of all the conventional residential windows sold in the U.S. Many vinyl window manufacturers produce window frames that contain up to 27%recycledcontent.

Energy efficient vinyl windows will help add value to your home. Even if you choose not to sell your home, you will be able to benefit from the added value. If you ever decide to sell your home, energy efficient windows can be a factor that many buyers are not willing to compromise on. They will give your home more consideration because of the quality windows and the energy conservation factor.

Energy efficient windows in Greensboro, NC

If you find yourself hiding your old windows behind curtains and blinds, consider Triad Installations as a source for high quality vinyl replacement windows. Triad Installations offers premium vinyl tilt replacement windows that are custom made, durable and beautiful, as well as cost efficient. Triad has been providing and installing windows in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas for over twenty years. Whatever your needs, whether custom windows, sliding windows, or patio doors, call them today for ENERGY STAR® approved vinyl windows at an affordable price.