Custom decks and added value

The reasons that compel homeowners to add a deck to their homes are as wide and varied as the homeowners. However, a significant number of people see a deck as a project that will add to the overall value of their property. Quite naturally, one of the questions most often considered will be how much value the deck will add to the home, and how much of that value can be recouped if the homeowner decides to sell the property.

Square footage as a consideration

Adding a custom deck to your home will add to its overall value if the project is done properly. However, if you go about it the wrong way, your deck project can actually cost you money and decrease the value of your home. The dollar value that a deck will add to your property is directly proportionate to the size of the deck and how the deck either enhances or diminishes the backyard. Value is in the eye of the beholder, and when it comes to selling your home, the value added by the deck is always subject to the perception of the buyer. The reality is that very few homeowners build a deck to increase the value of their home; instead, it is largely for their own aesthetic and lifestyle pleasure. The mistake that many homeowners make is in failing to properly design and build a deck that is a top quality addition to their home.

Plan both construction and maintenance

Do not fool yourself into thinking of your deck as a cursory project that can be pulled off with little planning. Adding a deck requires the acquisition of a building permit and the choosing of quality materials right down to the last board. You should be just as particular about the materials that go into the construction of your deck as you would be about the construction materials and the labor that go into the rest of the home. Decks that are poorly constructed or badly planned detract from the overall property value. When you create a plan for your deck, you should also keep in mind how much maintenance it will require to keep the deck in top condition.

Custom deck construction in Greensboro, NC

The decision to build a quality custom deck demands that you choose an experienced and trustworthy contractor. Triad Installations of Greensboro, NC, has been constructing custom decks, sun rooms, screen rooms, and porches in the Triad area for decades. Planning is everything, and you might be surprised to learn how easy Triad can make your home improvement project. Call them today to discuss your new deck project and any other home remodeling needs or dreams when they visit with you.