Replace my shingle roofA dangerous endeavor

If I discover a roof leak and need to replace my shingle roof, the task becomes a top priority that takes precedence over everything, except my desire to avoid bodily harm. I consider myself to be a fairly competent do-it-yourself individual. However, shingle replacement is one of those ventures that sounds and looks incredibly easy on the internet, yet it is precarious and risky if undertaken by homeowners with little or no experience on a rooftop. Nevertheless, homeowners should have an understanding of the most troublesome areas for roof leaks, and when the roof estimates are turned in by the contractor, you may have a decent understanding of what you are reading.

Chimney and skylight leaks

When I needed to replace my shingle roof, I learned that chimneys are one of the most common problem areas when it comes to roof leaks. This is because there is a natural gap where the chimney sticks out through the roof. This gap is usually covered with metal flashing and then is sealed with roofing caulk or some sort of sealant. Sometimes the flashing is in good shape and the problem is due to aging caulk. If there is a problem around the chimney, it is best to simply replace the flashing and reseal the base of the chimney. It is important to use a high-quality flashing and re-caulk the area. Skylights are just as vulnerable as chimneys, and they are handled with a similar approach.

Leaks in the roof field

If your roof is several decades old, you are highly likely to have problems anywhere in the shingle field. Look for signs of impending failure such as sagging areas or missing shingles. If you notice a patch of shingles that have no granules or if some of the shingles are curled upwards, those shingles will need to be replaced, even if you can find no leaks. If you discover a leak during rainy weather, you can trace the leak to its point of entry if you have a crawl space. Be warned that to do so can be very dangerous if you do not know where to step or stand. In any case, you will need to have a professional contractor assess your entire roof in order to determine the extent of the damage and to give you an opinion as to whether you need shingle roof replacement.

Roof leaks in the valley

The point at which two sections of your roof meets each other is called a valley. Valleys typically contain some type of metal flashing, but there have been occasions where a roof installer chose to simply butt the shingles against one another. Most leaks occur because of water finding an opening in the roof and causing a leak. This happens with valleys as well; however, a significant number of leaks in roof valleys are the result of wind driven rain. Be sure to closely inspect such areas after severe wind storms.

Reliable roof repair and replacement in Greensboro, NC

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