Sliding WindowsChoosing sliding windows

When you are trying to make a decision between the types of replacement windows that you want for your home, a strong argument can be made for sliding windows over any other style. Even if your home was originally designed with casement windows or double hung windows, the installation of quality sliding windows does not mean that you are sacrificing aesthetic beauty.

Operation of sliding windows is effortless and easy. While operation of the slider consists of releasing a latch and sliding the window open or shut, most other window styles entail a little more effort to operate the window. For example, consider all that is required for the operation of casement windows that operate by hand crank. Sliding windows have no components that can get jammed or fail.

The simplicity of its design and fewer moving parts means that you are less likely to have operational problems in the future. A sliding window is different from other designs in that it has one fixed pane and one sliding pane. The sliding pane glides laterally along a track inside the window frame. Most sliding windows have fixed stopping points in the process of opening or closing in order to lock the window in a number of positions to control the flow of air coming through the window.

Durable and low maintenance

Because a sliding window has very few parts, there is very little that can go wrong with the window. The absence of pulleys and springs makes for very simple and dependable operation. In fact, the total moving parts consist of a few small wheels inside the track, in which the window glides to open and close. Consequently, sliding windows are very low maintenance. The only maintenance necessary is periodic lubrication of the slider and occasional vacuuming of the window track.

Sliding windows are economical

Because of the simplicity of their design, sliding windows are certainly the most economical style of replacement window. The fact that they are cheaper to purchase as a basic model does not mean that they cannot be purchased with all the energy efficient upgrades. When outfitted with the energy efficient upgrades, you have a great combination of a window that is simple and low maintenance, yet incredibly efficient and cost effective.

Quality window selection in Greensboro

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