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Some homeowners find the term for different styles of windows to be a little confusing when sales people refer to energy efficient replacement sliding windows. It is easy to visualize windows that must be cranked or pushed outwards. All other windows slide open and closed. However, there are separate designations that make it simple to understand. Windows that slide vertically (in an up and down motion) are called casement windows. In most cases, when we refer to sliding windows, people are referring to windows that slide horizontally, or from side to side. Horizontal sliding glass windows have some very distinct benefits or advantages over other styles of windows. This would explain why they are the most popular style of windows with homebuilders and designers.

Advantages of horizontal windows

Horizontal sliding windows carry definitive advantages for homeowners when it comes to both the aesthetics and the safety of your home. It almost seems as if sliding windows were designed with the modern home in mind. In reality, sliding windows are an ingenious innovation when it comes to ease of operation and simplicity of design.

For example, sliding glass windows give your home a more modern look. Casement windows have an old-fashioned look that works for older traditional style homes. Sliding windows are usually shorter and wider by design, which means that they are situated a little higher on the wall, allowing homeowners to place furniture under the window. They allow for greater flexibility for interior decor. At the same time, sliding windows have enough surface area to allow sufficient light into the home.

Cost efficient sliding glass windows

Since most modern homes come with horizontal sliding windows, they are easy to find in standard sizes, whereas casement and crank windows are usually designed for special situations. For example, crank windows may need to open to the left on one side of the house and may need to open to the right on another side of the house. This can usually add to the price of windows because you will need to buy windows in specific configurations. Horizontal sliding windows have considerably fewer parts than casement windows or crank windows. Hence, there are fewer parts to wear out and to replace over the life of the windows. Horizontal sliding windows can be purchased in any possible energy efficient configuration, making them a cost efficient window for homes and businesses.

Energy efficient sliding glass windows in Greensboro, NC

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