Fix my old vinyl windowsInvesting in energy efficient windows

I resist the temptation to simply fix my old vinyl windows, and instead I chose to replace them with new ENERGY STAR® rated energy efficient windows. We should not fool ourselves into thinking that window replacement is not a substantial investment, but the key word here is “investment.” Vinyl windows outsell all other types of window materials together. This is because vinyl windows are cost efficient, and they are the perfect material to deliver the energy efficient, high technology glass that is available today.

Post war window quality

There is also a good reason for the increasing use of vinyl windows across the country. Many windows cannot be restored. Windows that were made in the past 60 years are not traditional, sturdy wood windows that were built before World War II. After the war there was a push to build millions of new homes as quickly as possible. The sheer volume of windows needed for new homes made the traditional wood window impractical to build for a couple of reasons. First, it took far too much time to build and install quality wood windows, and second, the level of craftsmanship that was required was not available.

In place of wood windows, homebuilders began to use steel and aluminum windows that were factory made. These low-cost construction windows did not require a lot of skill from installers, who just put them in the opening and nailed them up. This generation of windows was faster and cheaper, which was just fine with the homebuilders.

Consequently, the majority of windows installed since World War II are not worth saving even if they could be saved. In much the same way, the first generation of vinyl windows is not as efficient as the windows that are manufactured today. In addition, manufacturers that are not yet out of business do not make those windows any longer, so the parts and service are no longer available. If any of these early windows were installed in your home, the best option to fixing your old vinyl windows may be to replace the windows.

ENERGY STAR® window replacement in Greensboro, NC

Let Triad Installations replace your dilapidated, high maintenance windows with quality vinyl, ENERGY STAR® replacement windows. These quality replacement windows are computer designed with fusion-welded joints, which results in a stronger frame that virtually eliminates corner seams. Triad Installations offers premium vinyl replacement windows that are strong and beautiful, and they are economically cost efficient. Their energy efficient replacement windows will save you money every month. They also will also provide you with long service life and an affordable price. Call them today and say, “Please help me fix my old vinyl windows.”