Roofing companiesFull service versus sales service organization

When accepting proposals from roofing companies, it is not important to determine if the company operates as a full service installation company or as a sales service organization; rather, it is important that the company has a record that shows it will be around for years to come. Full-service companies are easy to identify because they operate in a traditional business structure. This means that you will be dealing with company employees throughout the entire roofing project.

Then there are the companies that operate as a sales organization. These roofing companies use a commissioned sales force to create the proposals and sell the job. After the paperwork is signed, they subcontract the roofing work to installation companies. The issue is not which model is right or wrong; the issue is that as a homeowner, you should choose a contractor that you are comfortable working with.

Keep in mind that there are roofing companies that do hire their own sales staff to handle proposals for their own company projects. One of the most important questions to ask is whether the company plans to subcontract the work. Be mindful that subcontractors are not always around as long as general contractors. Companies that subcontract may not have the same consistency from job-to-job, especially with regard to the possibility of workmanship warranty. When you request references, simply be sure to ask for examples that were performed by the subcontractor who will work on your roof.

Some roofing companies might subcontract ancillary work to skilled tradesmen for smaller segments of their business that are seasonal or that have a lower volume of sales, such as window replacement, siding replacement, or gutter replacement. If properly managed by the company, the ancillary services provide the homeowner with one-stop-convenience and a reliable contact that can ensure that an experienced craftsman is providing the service. However, homeowners must be aware that there are companies that choose to subcontract work in an effort to beat the system by hiring workers without the constraint of laws that cover workers’ compensation and insurance compliance. In such a situation, the interest of the homeowner may not be protected.

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