The case for new windows

Energy efficient replacement windows are a beautiful home addition for any home, but it is still common for homeowners to delay replacing windows until the need becomes obvious. Some of the obvious signs for replacing windows include condensation on the glass or mold and mildew collecting on the frames. Eventually, the continual maintenance for older wood-framed windows becomes too much of a hassle, especially when it is time to scrape off multiple coats of paint or when windows become stuck in the closed position.

There are also reasons for replacing windows that are not so obvious. These are the real important issues that can provide tremendous benefits. Benefits of new energy efficient window replacements include:

  • Lower energy costs – Energy efficient replacement windows insulate your home from extreme temperatures, which requires less energy from your heating and cooling system.
  • Appeal for your home –Modern energy efficient window replacements have a style and design that can become the cornerstone of your home décor. There are countless colors that are available for both the interior and the exterior, making each window a striking feature for your home.
  • UV protection – Windows with UV protection guard against damage from the harmful rays that can occur on walls, carpets, and furnishings from exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Air flow – Windows that operate properly will increase ventilation, which will improve the comfort and health of your home. In addition, properly fitting windows are designed to reduce outside noise and increase privacy without reduction of light.
  • Easy maintenance – Homeowners will enjoy significant maintenance benefits from advancements in window design and manufacturing. Even double hung windows are designed to be cleaned from the interior. Window construction also calls for fewer moving parts.

Energy efficient windows saves you money

It is estimated that ENERGY STAR® rated vinyl replacement windows can cut your energy bills by 25%. This figure does not include the available tax credits. This means that energy efficient windows start returning on your investment from the day that they are installed. Bear in mind the cost that you will be paying in heating and cooling costs while you procrastinate about replacing your old inefficient windows. If you are not sure about the functionality or efficiency of your windows, have them inspected by a professional who can advise you as to the level of benefits you can enjoy by replacing your windows. Energy savings alone makes replacement windows more of a necessity than a luxury.

Energy Efficient Replacement windows in Greensboro, NC

Replace your old, drafty, high maintenance windows with premium vinyl tilt replacement windows. Triad Installations offers energy efficient windows that are strong, beautiful, and cost efficient. These Energy Star® rated replacement windows will save you money each month. Call Triad today for energy efficient window replacements in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas.