Repair my shingle roofBe considerate of your neighbors

I have learned that it is important to be considerate of my neighbors when I replace my shingle roof. Some people feel that that when it comes to their own property, there is no need to keep your neighbors in mind. However, most of the modern subdivisions build as many homes per square as is possible. This means that homes are in much closer proximity than we experienced 30 years ago. Some homes practically sit on top of each other. It is common for some homes to be so close that you can hear you neighbor speaking in normal conversation.

Letting everyone know

Even while living in such close proximity, neighbors may not know each other very well, and the best intentions can sometimes be taken the wrong way. When hiring a contractor for roof replacement make sure that you and your contractor take the necessary steps to be considerate of your neighbors. You can do your part by letting your neighbors know in advance of your plans to improve your roof.

Give them an estimated time when you expect the project to begin and when you presume it will be completed. Tell them about any temporary changes such as a dumpster parked in your driveway. Let them know that you have hired a contractor, and that there will be construction workers in the area during the day.

Discuss things with your roofing contractor

Make sure that you have discussed with your contractor your concerns regarding parking and break time behavior, and ensure that they have a clear understanding of your property line and that of your neighbor. If there is a delay or change in schedule, quickly communicate the new information with your neighbors. They will appreciate the warning and may even respond in kind when they undertake projects of their own.

Communication is the key

The number one dispute amongst neighbors in close proximity is noise pollution. Do not simply assume that your neighbors will understand construction sounds outside their bedroom at 6 am. Agree with the contractor to work during reasonable business hours. Make your contractor aware of any pets in the neighborhood that are sensitive to strangers and noises in order to give them a chance to make temporary changes in their routine. Communication is the most important part. Help your contractor, your neighbors, and yourself be aware of the priorities and viewpoints of one another.

Professional and reliable contractor in Greensboro, NC

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