Reputable roof companies are insured

It is vitally important that homeowners hire only insured roofing contractors. The insurance coverage of every contractor needs to be closely scrutinized when choosing between roofing companies. When a contractor is insured, the project is financially secure. More importantly, the workers and the client are protected. When deciding on a contractor, request the specific details of the insurance coverage. Any contractor that willingly discloses insurance certifications is a strong candidate for consideration.

Reasons a roof installer is not insured

The principal reason that illegitimate contractors do not comply with state ordered requirements to be insured is to save money. The basic premise of these operators is to keep their expenses as low as possible so that they can capture business by outbidding the competition. This is their only concern. They do not care if their workers are covered in the event that they are injured on the job, and they certainly do not care if homeowners are sued by workers who are injured working on their property.

There are several more reasons that dishonest roofing contractors do not carry insurance. Beyond the financial edge that these contractors are seeking, all of these companies have the same insufficient qualities. They are either new to the business, or they are not involved as full time contractors. They are usually sole proprietors or limited partnerships with very little documentation verifying their existence. In addition, these installers are a risk to contract with because they have very little working capital. They usually require money up front before they will begin the work. Few, if any, are certified by material manufacturers. This means that in addition to risk of the installer failing to complete the work, the homeowner pays tens of thousands of dollars and has no warranty protection.

The significance of insurance coverage

Contractors that provide insurance coverage for their work understand that their employees and your property need to be protected. To provide this coverage is a significant part of the operating costs. This is the reason why legitimate and insured companies consistently bid higher prices than the fly-by-night uninsured companies. Worker compensation insurance is very expensive. In dangerous occupations, such as roofing and other construction trades, coverage per employee can be some of the highest rates in the job sector. The cost of rates for a roofing installer will be many times higher than that for a baker or an architect. When you take bids from companies that are in full compliance, you will get realistic estimates that reflect the true cost of the project. Just remember that if a contractor is not willing to carry the financial responsibility of properly insuring their own business, they will not be responsible enough to finish your project.

Fully insured roofing company in Greensboro, NC

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