custom decksWinterizing your deck

Winter is just around the corner, and winterizing your outdoor decks and porches is as important as ever. This time of year, everyone is getting busy with their laundry list of projects that will prepare their home for the harsh weather of winter. The list includes cleaning leaves off the roof, insulating pipes and spigots, weatherizing windows, and blowing water out of the sprinkler lines. The one area that homeowners commonly overlook is the outdoor decks and porches. The wet and freezing weather of the winter months will take their toll on even the toughest decks. Fortunately, it is simple and easy to make sure your deck does not end up looking old and worn out. The following are some common ways to prepare your deck to endure the long winter.

Clear off debris

Dirt and debris can decompose over the winter and cause a great deal of damage to your decking material. Wash the deck with a hose and broom. This will help get rid of decayed matter in the wood fibers and prevent damage that can occur over the winter months. This will also provide adequate ventilation between boards.

Clean and move planters

Keeping planters in the same spot during the warm, dry months is perfectly fine. However, during winter, they need to be moved around periodically, if not stored away altogether. Moisture from rain and snow can cause staining, which will leave unsightly rings or squares on your deck surface. Ideally, planters and growing bins should be moved to a storage shed or to the garage. Another possibility is to try storing them beneath the deck if the design allows.

Waterproof or seal the deck

If your deck is comprised of natural wood, winter weather and months of moisture from rain can destroy the finish, as well as the natural look of the wood. If your deck is stained, it is advisable to apply a new coat. If your deck has a clear or tinted sealer, you should apply a fresh coat of sealer. This may or may not require some light sanding, but it is important to provide a waterproof barrier to all organic surfaces. This is less work, and less costly than replacing unprotected boards and railings in the spring. This will also add years of service life to your wooden decks.

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