Hiring the most talented roofing contractors

roofing contractorsHire the most skilled Greensboro roofing contractors

Choosing the best roofing contractor is not a giant decision; it is actually several small but significant ones. Like just about everything in life, the outcome of your roofing project will be based upon the decisions that you make. There are several decisions that need to be made when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof. These decisions all lead to hiring the most talented and experienced roofing contractor available. The following are some tips to help you ensure that you find and hire the best roof installer in your area.

Read online reviews

Consumer rating websites that rank contractors and allow customers to share their opinions and feedback can be very informative and can give you an idea about how talented your prospective roofing contractor is. Read several reviews for each contractor, and this should give you a reasonable idea how they handle problems and how they treat their customers. You can also get some perspective on the level of experience that the roof installer possesses. You will get a picture of how thorough the roofing contractors are and how well they treated their customers after the contract was signed.

Ask trusted friends and neighbors

This does not apply to people who had their roof repaired by a cousin of their best friend. Many customers overlook the fact that roofing material warranties are sometimes invalid unless installed by a licensed and/or certified contractor. Ask your friends and neighbors in your area about their roofing experiences, and ask if they have the name of a reputable contractor.

Ask for references

All reputable roofing contractors have a long list of solid references. These personal testimonies say much about the work of the roofing company. It is significant when customers are so satisfied with the work that they will take the time to write a letter on behalf of the contractors and their work. In each case, you are hearing from people who have already gone through your experience and came out the other side trusting that roofing contractor.

Ask specific questions

Narrow your search down, and interview three of the top rated roofing contractors. Ask them very specific questions about the size of the work crew for your project. Discuss clean up activity and, most importantly, timelines for the project. Be sure to ask about workmanship warranty, and ask for a written copy of the warranty. Ask about the materials warranty, and request the written copy.

A premier roofing contractor in Greensboro, NC

Call Triad Installations for your next roofing project. They have been installing and repairing roofs in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas for nearly 30 years. Triad is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and they have a long list of satisfied customers. Call them today to schedule a free estimate from one of the top roofing contractors in all the Carolinas.

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Recognizing roof damage will help prevent unwanted leaks

roof damageRoof damage and leaks

Roof damage after a storm can leave your roof with subtle damage that can actually start a leak. Unfortunately, many leaks are not discovered until significant damage has been done. Hopefully, we can share enough knowledge here to help you understand when to be concerned about roof damage so you will know when to call on a professional roofing contractor that is an expert at detecting problems while they are still manageable. Professional roofers are able to contain that damage and prevent leaks from occurring.

For most companies, roof inspections to assess roofing damage are free. Naturally, any damage that is attributed to a storm can be filed as a claim with your homeowners insurance. The detailed inspection report that you receive from the roofing company serves as the ideal documentation that you will need to file a claim. In fact, reputable roofing companies will be more than happy to help you with the claim process. Chances are that they are familiar with many of the insurance adjusters in your area. It is also wise to remember that most insurance policies have established a time limit to file a claim for storm damage.

Simple signs of roof damage

Quite naturally, hailstorms can cause significant damage to your roof. Surprisingly, most of it is not all that obvious. Check for dents in the metal flashing and the lead boots on your vent pipes. Check the long trays of your gutters. Look to see if they are filled with mineral granules that used to be on the shingles. This means that a process called “degranulation” has taken place. It may not mean that the shingles are no longer any good, but it is a sign that your shingles have begun to degrade.

Roof damage is not always obvious

Many roofs that are damaged can look just fine to the untrained eye, but they could be completely compromised by storm damage. There are cases when there was absolutely no visual evidence of storm damage, such as missing shingles, yet there were several leaks found in the roofing system. An example would be sealing strip damage. The shingles have a sealing strip layered between them. During a storm, the wind may blow the shingles far enough to break this strip without removing the shingle. After the storm, the shingles lay back flat onto the roof, and your roof looks normal. However, if the sealing strip is damaged, sometime within the next year or two your roof will start leaking.

Professional roof inspection in Greensboro, NC

As you may have learned, assessing a damaged roof is best left to professionals with the necessary training and expertise. Triad Installations of Greensboro, NC, has been inspecting, repairing, and installing roofs in the Triad area for over 29 years. They are more than happy to help you with filing insurance claims. Most importantly, they will stand behind their roof repairs with a workmanship warranty. Call them today to schedule an appointment so they can assess your roof damage.

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Reasons to consider sliding windows for your home

Sliding WindowsSliding windows are the most popular style

Homeowners replace their windows for many reasons, and sliding windows are one of the most popular choices. When your family starts complaining about cold drafts or heat that comes through the windows in the summer, you can be sure that your old windows should be replaced with modern energy efficient windows. Homebuilders, architects, and home designers agree that sliding windows are the most functional and stylish solution for the majority of homes today. If your windows are more than ten years old, they can be upgraded with wonderful new technology that will improve comfort levels and minimize heating and cooling costs.

Replacement windows that are energy efficient

Saving dramatically on energy costs is an obvious benefit, but one should not overlook the fact that energy efficient sliding windows also make your home pleasantly comfortable with regard to ambient temperatures. Quality window manufacturers offer a great selection of colors that can dramatically change the interior and the exterior appearance of your home without undertaking major construction.

Replacement windows are the perfect solution if you desire to set your home apart from the cookie cutter construction that is so prevalent in modern neighborhoods and subdivisions. Once you have chosen the best Greensboro contractor, purchasing replacement windows becomes a fun and easy project. A reputable and trustworthy contractor understands that your decisions must last for decades, and they will guide you with their expertise while allowing you to be in control and choose the best options for your home.

Eliminating exterior maintenance

It is important to hire the most reputable installer because many companies are big on sales talk and advertising claims that may last until the windows are installed. Be sure you hire a window installation company that stands behind its work and provides a quality product with a reasonable warranty.

Custom windows will set your home apart

Most thermal replacement windows are made of vinyl and carry the distinct advantage of providing color and wood grain without the need of repainting inside or outside. This means that switching to low maintenance sliding windows totally eliminates the annual or periodic cost of scraping and painting. “Maintenance free” is sales talk and a misnomer. Everything that is designed to last a long time requires some form of maintenance and upkeep. Vinyl windows still have to be cleaned regularly, and this is accomplished very easily with wiping with a mild detergent.

Sliding windows in Greensboro, NC

There are so many attributes of sliding replacement windows that can be revealed to you by a reputable window installer. If you realize that it is time to replace your old windows and want the best options in modern energy efficient replacement windows, consider Triad Installations of Greensboro, NC. Triad Installations has been installing the best replacement windows for the residents as far away as High Point, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas for over twenty years. They are known as one of the most reputable and trustworthy window installers in the Triad area. Call them today to schedule an appointment to learn how you can improve your home with affordable energy efficient sliding windows.

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Greensboro roofing contractors will save you thousands in the future

Greensboro roof repairSaving with Greensboro Roofing Contractors

When it comes to Greensboro roofing, you cannot overestimate the important role that your roof performs to protect your home and property. This is why it is important to schedule a roof inspection every year before the harsh winter weather arrives. The repair should be performed by a reputable roofing company, but it all begins with you making regular inspections to spot small problems before they become big ones. This means that you should take a deliberate walk around your home with a pair of binoculars to perform a cursory inspection. You should be looking for missing shingles, cracks or leaking around skylights, bent flashing in the roof valleys, or gaps around the vents on the roof. To be honest, this is the time of year when many homeowners can find lots of ways to spend money, but rarely does anyone plan for roof repair. The reality is that if minor repairs continue to be overlooked, your roof is many times more susceptible to damage from high winds, torrential rains, and relentless snow or ice. A prolonged leak will cause water damage to the wooden underlayment, and if the leak continues inside the attic, water can soak insulation and eventually ruin the framing and ceiling.

Time for a new roof

Living in the Greensboro area leaves us on the fringe of being exposed to severe gales and hurricane force winds. We can always count on heavy rainstorms and ice storms. Spending a nominal amount to repair your roof today will just be a bandaid.

Do not be sold on price

If you receive three or four bids of the same amount of repairs and one contractor comes in with a significantly lower bid, you can be fairly confident that the contractor is offering a lower price by cutting corners or utilizing cheap materials. Chances are also that he has hired unskilled labor that will work for lower pay. Make sure that every bid for your Greensboro roofing contractors spells out in detail what is, and what is not, included in the proposal. Remember that repairs performed by unskilled laborers and with cut-rate materials can void whatever remains on your roofing material warranty.

One of the top Greensboro roofing companies

Make sure that the contractor that you hire is licensed and insured. They should be certified to install and repair roofing by your roofing material manufacturer. If you are looking for a contractor that is well connected and respected in Greensboro, NC and the surrounding areas, consider Triad Installation to get your roof ready for the harsh weather ahead, and you can be sure that they will make an honest assessment to save you money. Call them today to learn how important and how easy a new roof can be.

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Simple steps to help you avoid crooked roofing contractors

Roofing contractorsAn unplanned event

The vast majority of roofing projects are an unplanned response to a crisis, and this is a difficult time to choose the best roofing contractors. The most common roofing scam is pulled off by storm chasing con men who take advantage of homeowners in the midst of turmoil after a major storm. These unscrupulous con men wander door-to-door posing as roofing contractors. They prey on homeowners who are in a panic to get a reliable roof over their heads. Many of these fake roofers are from out of state; many will take money without ever repairing or replacing a roof.

Explaining the scam

There were countless consumer complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau regarding unscrupulous roofing contractors in 2012. It is conceivable that there are thousands more roofing scams that are never reported to the Better Business Bureau. Many of these roof installers are from out-of-state, or they are unlicensed roofers who systematically head to storm-ravaged areas to take advantage of emotional homeowners in desperate need of roof repairs. These scam artists are looking to make a quick buck and disappear.

Consider these guidelines to help you choose the best roofing contractors:

  • Never hire a contractor on pricing alone. Extremely low pricing is a very good indicator that the bid and the roofing company are illegitimate.
  • Refuse the services of any contractor that requires upfront payment in order to purchase materials for the job. This is an indicator that the company is not a serious entity that will be around if you have problems with the work in the future. There is also a high likelihood that they will take the money and run. No down payment or a 10% start up fee is acceptable, but make sure that you get your insurance company to sign off on the contractor before you pay.
  • Do not panic or feel pressured to hire someone from out of state because all the local contractors are extremely busy or slow to respond. Go through the same process you would use during a normal situation. Screen roofing contractors from reliable online sources such as the Better Business Bureau or a trusted consumer review website.
  • Call your insurance company and file a claim if you can see obvious damage. Insurance company adjusters know the local and legitimate contractors and can be a safety net for your screening process.
  • Avoid hiring any roofing company that is going door-to-door, especially if they have questionable or no documentation.
  • Even in an emergency situation, ask the roofing contractor for references. The list should have the names and phone numbers of recent jobs that are done locally. Never hire any contractor that cannot provide references.

A trustworthy roofing contractor in Greensboro, NC

If you are looking for one of the top contractors in the Triad Area, consider Triad Installations. Triad has been serving the people of Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas for over twenty years. They also specialize in several home improvement specialties such as vinyl siding and window replacement. If your home has been damaged in a severe storm, Triad installations can help you in so many ways. Make Triad Installations your first call in your search for reliable and trustworthy roofing contractors.

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Choosing a Greensboro roofing company you can trust

Choosing a Greensboro roofing companySettle for only the best when choosing Greensboro roofing company

When choosing a Greensboro roofing company, you must be proactive and settle for nothing less than the best contractor available. It is important to understand that the work that the roofing company performs on your home will need to last for decades. There are countless contractors listed in the Greensboro are; your choice should be no less than a company that has a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Here we will help you identify the characteristics that every reputable company has in common.

Licensed and insured

If you hire a roofing company that is not insured or is underinsured, you could be liable for injuries or accidents caused by the roofing company or its employees. When choosing a Greensboro roofing company, never hesitate to ask any contractor for a license number. Be sure that they submit insurance certificates with estimates and proposals. Call the state to determine if the company is current with worker compensation insurance.

A long list of references

Reputable roofing companies not only have current references, but they are proud of them, too. You will never need to ask a reputable company for references. They know that word of mouth from satisfied customers is the best way to close a deal. These are the contractors that spend a great deal of energy making sure that every customer is pleased with their work.

They stand behind their work

Reliable roofing companies will give you a real and binding warranty that protects the homeowner for three- to five-years after the work is completed. This is covering their workmanship beyond the material warranty that is provided by the roofing material manufacturer. The most reputable companies also tie in some sort of maintenance plan to ensure that their work is properly maintained.


Reputable roofing companies have been in the business for a long time. The roofing industry is extremely competitive. No one can stay in the business if they do not treat their customers and their employees fairly. The longer a roofing company has been in business, the better they are at the craft. These companies have been in business for decades; some are even 2nd or 3rd generation family businesses.

Reliability and experience in Greensboro, NC

If you are looking for one of the most trustworthy roofing companies in Greensboro, NC, then look no further than Triad Installations. You can depend on them to finish the job on time, make follow up visits to stand behind their work, and make periodic inspections at your request. Triad Installations has been repairing and replacing roofs in the Triad area for over twenty years.

Triad Installations has a long list of satisfied customers in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas. They are highly rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Call their office today; they are the top choice for customers who are choosing a Greensboro roofing company.

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