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Our replacement windows by Atrium are your best choice when thinking about replacing your old windows for more energy efficient ones. Our windows are energy star approved and come with a lifetime warranty, lifetime glass breakage warranty with low e glass and argon gas. Call the experts at Triad Installations at 336-854-5706 for an estimate or visit

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Recognizing roof damage will help prevent unwanted leaks

roof damageRoof damage and leaks

Roof damage after a storm can leave your roof with subtle damage that can actually start a leak. Unfortunately, many leaks are not discovered until significant damage has been done. Hopefully, we can share enough knowledge here to help you understand when to be concerned about roof damage so you will know when to call on a professional roofing contractor that is an expert at detecting problems while they are still manageable. Professional roofers are able to contain that damage and prevent leaks from occurring.

For most companies, roof inspections to assess roofing damage are free. Naturally, any damage that is attributed to a storm can be filed as a claim with your homeowners insurance. The detailed inspection report that you receive from the roofing company serves as the ideal documentation that you will need to file a claim. In fact, reputable roofing companies will be more than happy to help you with the claim process. Chances are that they are familiar with many of the insurance adjusters in your area. It is also wise to remember that most insurance policies have established a time limit to file a claim for storm damage.

Simple signs of roof damage

Quite naturally, hailstorms can cause significant damage to your roof. Surprisingly, most of it is not all that obvious. Check for dents in the metal flashing and the lead boots on your vent pipes. Check the long trays of your gutters. Look to see if they are filled with mineral granules that used to be on the shingles. This means that a process called “degranulation” has taken place. It may not mean that the shingles are no longer any good, but it is a sign that your shingles have begun to degrade.

Roof damage is not always obvious

Many roofs that are damaged can look just fine to the untrained eye, but they could be completely compromised by storm damage. There are cases when there was absolutely no visual evidence of storm damage, such as missing shingles, yet there were several leaks found in the roofing system. An example would be sealing strip damage. The shingles have a sealing strip layered between them. During a storm, the wind may blow the shingles far enough to break this strip without removing the shingle. After the storm, the shingles lay back flat onto the roof, and your roof looks normal. However, if the sealing strip is damaged, sometime within the next year or two your roof will start leaking.

Professional roof inspection in Greensboro, NC

As you may have learned, assessing a damaged roof is best left to professionals with the necessary training and expertise. Triad Installations of Greensboro, NC, has been inspecting, repairing, and installing roofs in the Triad area for over 29 years. They are more than happy to help you with filing insurance claims. Most importantly, they will stand behind their roof repairs with a workmanship warranty. Call them today to schedule an appointment so they can assess your roof damage.

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Regular inspections keep roof damage and costs to a minimum

Roof damageProtecting your roof

The roof is an integral part of every home, and homeowners should be able to recognize the basic types of damage that may befall their roof. Identifying the early stages of damage will prevent serious repairs and damage to other parts of the home. The roof of a home can last for a number of decades if it is well constructed and properly maintained. The following are some of the most common roof damages. If you recognize or suspect them, it is advisable that you call a reliable and trustworthy roofing company for roof estimates and repairs.

Cracks – As your roof ages, the shingles might develop cracks and tears. Eventually, this can lead to leaks. Cracks and tears may not always be visible from the ground. It is advisable to have your roof inspected after every episode of severe weather to find cracks that are so thin that they are only visible under close inspection.

Hail damage – It is not always possible to discover hail damage without actually climbing up on the roof. Inspect your gutters for dents to get a good idea of the condition of your roof.

Wind damage – Wind can cause significant damage to any roof. Strong winds will loosen the shingles and cause flashing to bend. Flying debris can cause damage to vents and skylights; it can also destroy gutters and drain pipes.

Debris – Many homeowners are unaware how debris can cause extensive damage to the roof. Leaves will decay and lead to stains and fungal growth. Gutters that are full of accumulated falling leave will result in blocked drains and precipitate ice dams on the roof in freezing weather.

Other causes for roof replacement

Sometimes the human element is a significant factor in the creation of roof damage. For example, roofs that are not properly installed can shorten the overall life expectancy of roofing materials. It is advisable that you have your roof installed by a trained professional. Regular inspections are imperative to help identify leaks, damage, and other problems early on in order to prevent them from becoming a major issue later. Roofing materials should be inspected regularly as exposure to the elements such as snow, ice, sun, rain, and wind can lead to the breakdown of roofing components. Thorough inspections at regular intervals are the best way to ensure that your roof is in top condition at all times.

Reliable roof inspection and replacement in Greensboro, NC

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy contractor for roofing inspections and replacement, consider Triad Installations of Greensboro, NC. They have been installing new roofs, including metal roofs, in the Triad area since 1984. They can provide comprehensive routine inspections that will ensure that your roof stays in top shape. Triad is also a certified installer for many of the major roofing material manufacturers. They provide a workmanship warranty for all their work. Call them today for a free estimate for your roof damage.

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The easy way to deal with roof damage and insurance claims

Roof damageDealing with storm damage

If you own your home long enough, you will have to deal with storm damage, and even filing an insurance claim for those damages. Try to do it all yourself, and you will very likely find yourself in over your head and certainly beyond your expertise. Get a reliable roofing company involved, and they can make the whole process much easier. Repairing or replacing your roof is not a luxury purchase. It is a necessity whenever there is damage. A repaired roof or a new roof protects a home from many other issues that could arise if the roof is not in top condition.

Hail damage and storm damage

If your home has just been through a storm that included either hail or wind and you are not considering inspection and repairs, you may want to think twice. Just because you cannot see any damage does not mean that damage is not there. Your roof is more than just the shingles that you can see. A reliable roofing contractor can assess your roof and give you an expert opinion as to whether or not the roof has been damaged.

After a hailstorm, you may not have shingles missing, and you may feel confident that there are no problems with your roof. It is important to remember that missing shingles are the end result of high winds, not damage from a hail storm. Small hail pellets are often underestimated when it comes to roof damage. Small pellets have a cumulative effect over time. One of the most common problems is the erosion of roofing granules and exposure of the shingle matting. Dings and dents on metal flashing, vent seals, and skylights can lead to major leaking problems.

Involving a trustworthy contractor

Most homeowners are unaware that insurance carriers require a specific number of damaged spots for every 10 foot by 10 foot area of your roof. A reliable roofing company can easily determine if your roof has experienced damage and if your roof has the minimum damage required to qualify as a claim. A knowledgeable roofing contractor will assess your roof and show you photographs of the damage. Delaying roof replacement can:

  • Decrease the lifespan of your roof
  • Turn bruised shingles into holes, which become leaks
  • Void your roofing material warranty
  • Cost you more time and money if you one day choose to sell your home

Roofing Contractors in Greensboro, NC

Triad Installations has been installing and repairing roofs in the Triad area for over twenty years. They are one of the most experienced contractors in the region and offer a quality line of products to give you the best roof for your home. They are proud to be a dependable contractor for the Triad area, including High Point, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas. Call Triad Installations for a free estimate if you suspect roof damage.

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The importance of properly assessing roof damage

Roof damageDamage to your roof is not for the faint of heart

If we have an honest conversation about roof damage and inspection, it is reasonable to assume that roof damage should not be assessed by the average homeowner. There are enough components to a roof, and the damage can be so subtle, that someone really needs to know what they are looking at. Additionally, how safe and how comfortable is the average home owner with climbing on top of the roof? Taking pride in your home and investing your time to make repairs is a good thing, but some jobs should be left to the professionals.

Different components of your roof

Homeowners should understand that your roof consists of several components, much more than the shingles you see when you drive up. Your roof is a system of parts working together to protect the home. It is not just wind and rain that can damage your roof. Excessive heat from the sun, animals such as birds, mice, bats and squirrels can cause serious damage to your roof. A 5 minute hail storm may hit your roof while you are away from home and you may never even know it occurred, but a professional roofing contractor knows what to look for and can spot the damage. Roofing experts know where damage from certain animals is likely to occur, and knows what to look for. A trustworthy contractor can look at your trusses and insulation to spot leaks. Most importantly, a reliable and efficient contractor will keep detailed documentation in the form of estimates and work orders that will be very valuable if you ever need to file a claim for storm damage or make a claim for material warranty.

In addition to properly assessing the damage, a trusted roofing contractor can recommend the right materials for the job, or replacement materials. The technology for roofing materials changes all the time and a reputable contractor stays abroad of the latest available information. Your contractor will save you hundreds even thousands of dollars by keeping your roof in top shape so that it will last as long as its designated life span.

Repairing your roof in the Triad region

Your roof should never be neglected, to do so will only cost you more money. If you live in the Triad area, you are fortunate to have one of the premier roofing companies right in your back yard. Triad Installations has been repairing and installing roofs in Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem for over twenty years. Triad offers reliable and trustworthy service and is rated highest in customer satisfaction. They enjoy a high rating by the Better Business Bureau. If you need help with an insurance claim, Triad will be more than willing to help. They will even meet with the insurance agent or adjuster. When it comes to you roof, let them set up a regular maintenance plan so that you will be protected no matter what the problem is. They will work out a budget plan that is agreeable to you. They also offer discounts for seniors and single moms. Call them today and schedule a free estimate for assessing your roof damage and start saving money right away.

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Using Roof Estimates to find a contractor

Roof estimatesGetting a trustworthy estimate for my roof repair

Getting trustworthy roof estimates means getting at least 3 estimates. The estimate is your first and maybe most important step to getting quality work on your roof. Not just for a day, but most likely for years. If you select a roofing company that is reputable and trustworthy, you are not going to let that company go, they will be your contractor for years to come. The process is important, so you must be careful not to take the easy way out and expose yourself to low-ball estimates from fly by night operators.

Get a quality estimate… resist the easiest one

The first step in culling out low-ball bidders is to check the Better Business Bureau to determine the highest rated companies with the most experience. Next step is to check and see how many are associated with local building trade organizations. This way you get companies that have invested in their industry, and they will be around for a long time. You are also increasing your chance for success because these are the more competent companies.

Get the insurance company in the loop

If you suspect at all that the damage on your roof is storm related, call the insurance company right away and tell them, “I suspect storm damage and may need to repair my roof.” They will get all the preliminary information and ask you to get at least 3 estimates. Reputable companies will recognize the importance of this process, and will give you a detailed and specific estimate that explains the damage in detail. This is your written documentation. Reputable and established roofing companies will be happy to meet with your agent or adjuster regarding their findings.

Resist low-ball estimates

Your home is most likely the largest investment you will make. Your roof is a significant part of that investment. It is designed to last for decades. This fact alone should let you know that it is not a cheap venture to repair or replace. You can be sure that if you are getting a low-ball, fantastic bid price, the contractor has underestimated the amount of materials, or he is cutting corners somewhere. He may not be insured or currently licensed, he may not be paying for industrial insurance, and it could be any number of reasons. Resist bids from storm chasers. Storm chasers are contractors that show up at your door, offering to give you a bid for repair work shortly after a storm. It is reasonable to assume that the reputable and trustworthy roofing companies are way too busy to go knocking on doors for business.

Replace my damaged roof in Greensboro, NC

The day will come when you will need the services of a roofing contractor for repair or replacement of your roof. If you have not done so, you would be wise to get your roof inspected before you are looking for a contractor in an emergent situation. If you live in the Triad area, you are fortunate to have one of the most experienced and trustworthy roofing companies right in your own back yard. Triad installations has been replacing and repairing roofs in Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem for over twenty years. They enjoy a high rating with the Better Business Bureau and their customers are extremely satisfied. Call them today for trustworthy roof estimates and ask them about their special discounts.

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