Atrium Replacement Windows are your best choice by Triad Installations

Our replacement windows by Atrium are your best choice when thinking about replacing your old windows for more energy efficient ones. Our windows are energy star approved and come with a lifetime warranty, lifetime glass breakage warranty with low e glass and argon gas. Call the experts at Triad Installations at 336-854-5706 for an estimate or visit

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Recognizing reputable Greensboro roofing companies

Roofing companiesThe signs are evident

Selecting reputable roofing companies is remarkably similar to buying a warm blanket at your local department store. You know what you want, and you can easily recognize the right one when you see it. Similarly, you expect to find a reputable roof installer who will provide you with quality work at an affordable price. Consider the following tips as to what you should look for.

Promptness and professionalism

Experienced and reputable roofing companies know that every estimate is a job interview. The best roof installers will never arrive late for a potential job. If they have an emergency or unexpected problem, they are sure to call and let you know what to expect, or they will reschedule. Every company representative from the receptionist to the company owner should be professional and treat you with respect. They will be clear and concise with their recommendations, but most importantly, they will listen to you and make sure that you will be satisfied with the work.

Roofing companies that are certified by manufacturers

The best roofing companies have taken the time to become certified with different roofing material manufacturers. You can be confident that these roofing contractors are knowledgeable about product installation and have a proven reputation with manufacturers. As a certified contractor, they will remain current on the most recent trends and other technical information. Of course, the most reputable roof installers are accredited and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. It goes without saying that you should only select a company that is licensed and insured.

Do not discount your intuition

Far too often, we fail to follow our instincts when it comes to making business decisions. This is not about being swayed by television commercials or slick brochures. During the process of interviewing roofers, you will always experience gut feelings about the company or its representative. You may find one to be more professional than another, or there may be a contractor who just seems a little patronizing, maybe even less than straightforward. It is important to listen to your gut and ask more questions.  Sometimes we discount our instincts in an effort to convince ourselves that we are being objective. It is important to realize that intuition should never be the only factor when choosing professionals, but it definitely should be part of the process.

Expect local references

It does not matter if you live in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, or any of the surrounding areas; the Triad region has its own particular weather and service demands. Look for contractors who have a long history of roofing installations in this area. Quite naturally, they should have recent and local references. Consider it to be a red flag when a roof installer cannot provide you with a list of satisfied customers.

A reputable and trustworthy roofing company in Greensboro

Call Triad Installations for your next roofing project. They have been installing new roofs in the Triad area since 1984. Triad Installations can repair or replace your roof, as well as provide services for a number of exterior home improvement projects. Triad is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and they can provide you with a long list of satisfied local customers. Call their office today for a consultation with one of the most reputable roofing companies in the region.

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Leading roofing and exteriors contractor in Greensboro and Kernersville extends expertise to windows

Triad Installations Best Roofing and Window Contractor in Greensboro, North CarolinaTriad Installations founded by Rich Barlow, trusted, professional roofing and exteriors company, is offering Greensboro and Kernersville, North Carolina residents a clear view of the benefits of vinyl and replacement windows.  Continuing the trend toward the greening of the region, vinyl and replacement windows are energy efficient and eco-friendly.  Through their design and construction, they are built to last for years providing thousands of dollars in energy savings.  You may even be eligible for a credit on your federal taxes!  Why wouldn’t you replace your old, inefficient windows?

Greensboro, North Carolina residents are conscientious, hard working people who know the importance of good value.  Triad Installations,  the best roofing and windows company of Greensboro and Kernersville, use only the best quality products and ensure the best service.  They are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.  These professionals can help you to make your home more energy efficient from top to bottom.  Windows are an important component of the energy efficient, eco-friendly, green home.  Old windows are major culprits in producing drafts and allowing cold air in during the winter.  Depending on the location of your air conditioning vents, you may be doing more to cool the outdoors than in if your windows are old and your vents are located near them.  Replacing those windows can be an important step in stopping this energy loss.

Replacement windows come in a variety of styles and designs to match the architecture and existing style of your home.  These windows, usually vinyl, are not susceptible to problems such as being painted shut or swelling and sticking during the warm months.  Instead latches, cranks and handles allow anyone to easily open and clean the window.  At the same time, locks for these windows are more durable and the construction of the window provides better security for your home.

Hurricane proof window features can be included in the design and structure of some replacement window systems.  In our area of the Carolinas this can be a very important feature for the security and safety of your home during these inevitable storms.  Triad Installations,  roofing and windows contractor in Kernersville and Greensboro,  can analyze your home’s needs and make recommendations for top quality products to meet those needs.

Replacing old windows is an investment that quickly pays for itself in terms of increased home value and reductions in energy bills.  New windows also improve the appearance of your home both from the exterior and interior.  Greensboro residents are turning to Triad Installations, a trusted roofing and window contractor to help make improvements to their existing windows with attractive, high quality, energy efficient vinyl windows.

Triad Installations, trusted and reputable roofing and exterior professionals of Greensboro and Kernersville, North Carolina, are at your service for window replacement as well.  Let them lead you through the process of selecting and installing windows that meet the needs of your home and allow you to start saving money on energy bills right away.

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